Brad Pitt Has Your Secret Shit: Rolling DC

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yeah I'd be posting more except that I have tried putting Palin's head on Doctor Casino's other photos and it just doesn't work as well.

I DIED, Friday, 26 September 2008 14:10 (7 years ago) Permalink

case in point

I DIED, Friday, 26 September 2008 14:11 (7 years ago) Permalink

hello, I am in Oslo airport, I shall be here for some time it seems.

I am not drunk sufficiently constantly (Ed), Friday, 26 September 2008 14:13 (7 years ago) Permalink

holy shit i love you i died

Mr. Que, Friday, 26 September 2008 14:15 (7 years ago) Permalink

The atomium is not used enough for hilarious photoshops, god work.

Also that is the closest she ever got to foreign parts, I think

I am not drunk sufficiently constantly (Ed), Friday, 26 September 2008 14:17 (7 years ago) Permalink


I have missed the DC thread, frankly. Though not so much the Saturday morning too-many-beers-at-Big-Hunt hangovers.

quincie, Friday, 26 September 2008 17:45 (7 years ago) Permalink

I miss the photoshopping.

curmudgeon, Saturday, 27 September 2008 04:59 (7 years ago) Permalink

I love everyone.

El Tomboto, Saturday, 27 September 2008 05:53 (7 years ago) Permalink

I'm gonna edit this thread title tomorrow so it has to do with that new coen flick. nobody panic.

El Tomboto, Saturday, 27 September 2008 05:54 (7 years ago) Permalink

when is beers o clock?

El Tomboto, Saturday, 27 September 2008 05:54 (7 years ago) Permalink

There. Go Skins.

TOMBOT, Saturday, 27 September 2008 18:41 (7 years ago) Permalink

last night you could follow the debate walking down 18th, even over the downpour. maybe not such a shocker but slightly odd nonetheless, in person.

W i l l, Sunday, 28 September 2008 02:12 (7 years ago) Permalink

i had to be at work during the debate. and today from 11-7:30. all hands on deck until election day!

i will make some photoshops when i am back in the office.

did this the other day

regular guy, scranton, pennsylvania (daria-g), Sunday, 28 September 2008 04:06 (7 years ago) Permalink

Wait was that really insane football video from way back (sandbox, maybe?)? Someone flying through the air in a ridiculous manner. I can't remember any other details, sorry. But it was awesome A++ would watch again if someone knows what the hell I am talking about.

quincie, Sunday, 28 September 2008 15:29 (7 years ago) Permalink


quincie, Sunday, 28 September 2008 15:30 (7 years ago) Permalink

YEAH HE DID THAT AGAIN! this video is from last week!!


regular guy, scranton, pennsylvania (daria-g), Sunday, 28 September 2008 16:12 (7 years ago) Permalink

I DIED, Monday, 29 September 2008 20:46 (7 years ago) Permalink


quincie, Monday, 29 September 2008 21:23 (7 years ago) Permalink

The cigarette is an especially nice touch!

quincie, Monday, 29 September 2008 21:23 (7 years ago) Permalink

^^^^what happens when you meet without preconditions

mookieproof, Monday, 29 September 2008 23:52 (7 years ago) Permalink

3 weeks pass...

"She's like one of us, just a normal, hardworking person, not someone from D.C. " said Ivan Capps, a Bureau of Land Management records manager who attended a Palin rally in Grand Junction, Colo.

fuck youuuuuuuu

I DIED, Thursday, 23 October 2008 13:52 (7 years ago) Permalink

the special prize we get for being #1 Obama supporters is that he's gonna come live here!

I DIED, Wednesday, 5 November 2008 15:44 (7 years ago) Permalink

not just him: On a chain-link fence erected by inaugural construction crews [near the White House], someone hung the sign: "Welcome Home Malia and Sasha!"

from the Post article on last night's partying. U Street was just, wow

W i l l, Wednesday, 5 November 2008 22:02 (7 years ago) Permalink

that was my view around 11:30 last night, insane

I DIED, Wednesday, 5 November 2008 22:06 (7 years ago) Permalink

They call it the White House, but that's a (increasingly) temporary condition.

To each his reach, and if I can't cop, it ain't mine to hang.

B.L.A.M., Wednesday, 5 November 2008 22:20 (7 years ago) Permalink

hey guys we have to get this thread going again now that DC is the new BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD!

I DIED, Thursday, 6 November 2008 14:31 (7 years ago) Permalink

I SO want to move back.


B.L.A.M., Thursday, 6 November 2008 21:03 (7 years ago) Permalink

I am officially retired from breakdancing in the street. Ow.

El Tomboto, Thursday, 6 November 2008 21:44 (7 years ago) Permalink

hey Slate: fuck youuuuuuuu for reprinting a 15-year old column about "life in DC" and saying "it's still remarkable how little of the city's character has changed."

I DIED, Friday, 7 November 2008 15:23 (7 years ago) Permalink

orange line extending to NY? rendering of new 2nd Ave subway entrance.

I DIED, Friday, 7 November 2008 15:29 (7 years ago) Permalink

oh man that would be the best i would buy so many records and work pays the smartrip

69, Friday, 7 November 2008 15:46 (7 years ago) Permalink

that's the part of the upper east side with all the fresh-out-of-college banker types and shitty bars

gabbneb, Friday, 7 November 2008 15:51 (7 years ago) Permalink

So, I'm coming to join your cool place-to-be city some time around February. Pretty jammy timing. I've visited before but only for 2-3 days. I think I'll be living somewhere near Dupont Circle/19th, if I take over the apartment of the last incumbent in the job...

ljubljana, Friday, 7 November 2008 21:19 (7 years ago) Permalink


mookieproof, Friday, 7 November 2008 21:22 (7 years ago) Permalink

our football team is awesome

T-PALIN (daria-g), Friday, 7 November 2008 21:25 (7 years ago) Permalink

T-PALIN (daria-g), Friday, 7 November 2008 21:26 (7 years ago) Permalink

I get to learn the football rules!
Is that a real TV show embedded in that vid somewhere?

ljubljana, Friday, 7 November 2008 21:32 (7 years ago) Permalink

nah.. DC go go band Mambo Sauce had this song out for a while and finally made a video for it, so.. that's what they did. chuck brown shows up at the end to tell the police to let them go, I guess is the gist of it

T-PALIN (daria-g), Friday, 7 November 2008 21:34 (7 years ago) Permalink

Even your cheerleaders go on tour!

ljubljana, Friday, 7 November 2008 21:40 (7 years ago) Permalink

I'm still trying to get my head around 15K ppl in DC voting for McCain? TOO MANY I DEMAND RECOUNT.

quincie, Friday, 7 November 2008 21:41 (7 years ago) Permalink

TOMBOT can you embed the mambo sauce vid at the top of the thread? tks.

I DIED, Friday, 7 November 2008 22:00 (7 years ago) Permalink

I'm still trying to get my head around 15K ppl in DC voting for McCain?

T-PALIN (daria-g), Friday, 7 November 2008 22:12 (7 years ago) Permalink

who all had logins to there? I miss the roffles ;_;

Black Seinfeld (HI DERE), Friday, 7 November 2008 22:26 (7 years ago) Permalink


Mr. Que, Friday, 7 November 2008 22:28 (7 years ago) Permalink

oh shit


Black Seinfeld (HI DERE), Friday, 7 November 2008 22:29 (7 years ago) Permalink


mookieproof, Friday, 7 November 2008 22:31 (7 years ago) Permalink

I can give LNS invites if anyone wants

I DIED, Friday, 7 November 2008 22:55 (7 years ago) Permalink


Black Seinfeld (HI DERE), Friday, 7 November 2008 22:58 (7 years ago) Permalink

can read such threads as:

- Stolen undergarments on Saturday
- Manipulating men into LTRs and marriage
- FATTIE, but great in bed. Keeper?
- Is it possible to be super smoke and humble at the same time?
- whats the website to order generic Viagra
- How did you make up for election night depression?
- any hill staffers wanna release some tension?

I DIED, Friday, 7 November 2008 23:00 (7 years ago) Permalink

FATTIE, but great in bed. Keeper?


Black Seinfeld (HI DERE), Friday, 7 November 2008 23:59 (7 years ago) Permalink

Was never interested in restaurant Fig & Olive, and definitely not now. Misleading re local farm grown food and raising prices after salmonella problems and the shipped in dishes controversy

As City Paper reported earlier this week, many components of these dishes were not made fresh on-site. While the restaurant touts local farms and "genuine taste and seasonality" at the top of its menu, a lot of the food—from risotto to ratatouille—was pre-prepared at a central commissary in Long Island City, New York. That commissary suspended production in the wake of the salmonella outbreak, and investigators from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration never got a chance to test food samples for the bacteria there.

In response to City Paper's reporting, Fig & Olive shared the following statement with other media outlets:

"Commissaries are routinely used by upscale restaurant groups that serve a high volume of customers to ensure consistency in food quality and service. We had a commissary that was utilized for specific items by our New York outposts and selectively nationwide, which we closed in September 2015. The vast majority of ingredients served at our restaurants are locally sourced from vendors and farms. Currently all of our dishes are prepared in house at each location."

It's possible that the price hikes are related to changes in how and where they produce their food. However, Fig & Olive declined to elaborate to City Paper on what "prepared in house" actually means or how they were able to transition from making nearly 200 food items at a commissary to now making them at individual restaurants. They declined to say if they now make desserts, breads, sauces, and other ingredients from scratch at each location.

curmudgeon, Friday, 18 December 2015 17:30 (1 month ago) Permalink

McGuinness' family believes he went down the back stairs of the bar and fell, Nicolai said.

Madam's Organ

curmudgeon, Friday, 18 December 2015 19:51 (1 month ago) Permalink

An unassuming house in Cleveland Park had some extra lights shining in front of it on Wednesday night, but they were not of the festive variety. About 50 activists placed lighted placards reading 'slumlord' at a politically connected developer's home and demanded better conditions at a Congress Heights apartment complex.

"If you're allowing rodents, mold, no heat, we don't want you to be able to return to your nice house in a nice neighborhood and enjoy yourself," says activist Eugene Puryear of Justice First, which organized the protest. "We're not just going to sit back."

The developer, Geofffrey Griffis, counters that those sorts of issues are exactly what his firm is trying to fix with a sizable new development. He pins the problems on the buildings' owner, which his firm has partnered with on the planned project.

At issue is a complex of apartment buildings—four inhabited, one vacant—around the Congress Metro station and across the street from a proposed pro-basketball arena on the St. Elizabeth's East campus. Sanford Capital, which bought four of the buildings in recent years, has teamed up with Griffis of CityPartners to plan a gleaming new mixed-use apartment complex. But two major issues stand in their way.

curmudgeon, Monday, 21 December 2015 17:32 (1 month ago) Permalink

hell yeah, that was good shit

BIG HOOS aka the steendriver, Monday, 21 December 2015 17:55 (1 month ago) Permalink

El Tomboto, Wednesday, 23 December 2015 21:28 (1 month ago) Permalink

Boycotting Cafe Saint-Ex on the basis of "HTTR" on their sidewalk chalkboard this morning.

Also I watched three people walk out of Provision 14 saying "Sorry not sorry - $20 for a (inaudible), I don't think so" and then walk directly across the street to Eatonville. Hilarious.

I heard the place that replaced Ulah Bistro is obnoxious and terrible.

El Tomboto, Saturday, 2 January 2016 00:32 (1 month ago) Permalink

The place that replaced Ulah is owned by the same people as Provision 14, so no surprises there.

controversial but fabulous (I DIED), Saturday, 2 January 2016 19:04 (1 month ago) Permalink


El Tomboto, Saturday, 2 January 2016 19:23 (1 month ago) Permalink

x-post - you wanted a soccer reference instead on the chalkboard, or did the DC amurican football squad steer you wrong in fantasy football? Or is this just a suggestion St Ex is bandwagon jumping?

curmudgeon, Monday, 4 January 2016 18:42 (1 month ago) Permalink

1. They're in bumfuck maryland, not dc
2. It's a tossup whether "Make America Great Again" would make me more or less annoyed than cheering Dan Snyder's shit show of a team
3. That too

seriously the idea that I would play fantasy sports, though

El Tomboto, Wednesday, 6 January 2016 17:42 (1 month ago) Permalink

anyway I came here to post this

“I think they see a life and an energy in D.C., and they saw a great opportunity in D.C. to do something that was a collection, so to speak, of retailers that were in a more intimate format and more neighborhood based,” Mosle says.

“This is underground, this is artisanal, this is the creative class.”


I guess I like that I can (more easily) walk to a movie theater now, although I haven't been yet.

As a mortgage holder I'm not even that stoked for what this potentially means for property values, because if every square foot in the neighborhood goes up, then we're not climbing the ladder - just staying put at an inflated nominal price. OTOH I keep hoping for the Reeves Center to come down, like they're going to replace it with anything other than another high-rise, high-priced residential development that looks like basically all the other big-windows tiny-patios multicolored-brick-curtain-wall buildings that popped up over the last decade and a half. I am a gentrification hypocrite

El Tomboto, Wednesday, 6 January 2016 17:50 (1 month ago) Permalink

3,000 a month for a one bedroom at The Shay

curmudgeon, Wednesday, 6 January 2016 19:45 (1 month ago) Permalink

FWIW I heard The Louis hasn't been able to break ~88% occupancy since they opened. There are still some units that have never had a tenant.

El Tomboto, Wednesday, 6 January 2016 20:27 (1 month ago) Permalink

Chris Earnshaw's old-school DC photo exhibit with limited hours, opening tonight--

January 7 – February 26, 2016

DISTRICT explores D.C. during the 1960s and 1970s through the extraordinary eye of photographer Chris Earnshaw. These images – captured originally as Polaroid prints and nearly lost to time and neglect – reflect the demolition, desperation, beauty, and energy in the every-day of the capital city of the era. DISTRICT is presented by the Historical Society of Washington, D.C., in partnership with artist and archivist Joseph Mills.

121 - Loew's Palace in Her Prime, 1965

Earnshaw, whose work is in the permanent collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, among others, is, says Mills, “one of the finest photographers I have ever had the pleasure and privilege of knowing. He is able to speak in depth of the great architects of his time and place, as well as of the details on the building and the destruction he witnessed of their beautiful works. Whether turned toward a building being wrecked, or a soul being lost, Earnshaw knew instinctively not to interfere with the camera’s ability to see clearly.”

DISTRICT will be on display in the Historical Society’s rotating gallery space on the second floor of the historic Carnegie Library at Mt. Vernon Square, 801 K Street NW, Washington, D.C. Following the evening opening reception on Wednesday January 6, 2016, exhibition hours will be 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, with additional viewings on Saturday January 30 and Saturday February 20. The exhibition closes February 26, 2016.

curmudgeon, Wednesday, 6 January 2016 21:04 (1 month ago) Permalink

Anyone know anything about this movie Sweaty Betty? Apparently it's a little slice of life indie set in hyattsville with a dude who wants his 1000 lb pig to represent the Redskins. Got some good reviews and festival awards but I've read nothing about it locally and I live in hyattsville

Heez, Wednesday, 6 January 2016 21:13 (1 month ago) Permalink

can we have a moratorium on naming things DISTRICT that are in or related to the district

El Tomboto, Wednesday, 6 January 2016 21:21 (1 month ago) Permalink

x-post--- from the V. Voice review

Correction: An earlier version of this story misidentified the film's setting as Hyattsville, Maryland. The film actually was shot near Hyattsville, in Cheverly and Kentland, also in Prince George's County. A newscast excerpted in the film erroneously identifies Hyattsville as the setting.

Sweaty Betty
Directed by Joe Frank and Zachary Reed

curmudgeon, Wednesday, 6 January 2016 21:53 (1 month ago) Permalink

Yep, no one has written about the Sweaty Betty movie locally

just film sites and publications in NY and elsewhere.

The film, from first-time directors and best friends Joe Frank and Zachary Reed, tells the story of a number of real-life residents — and a massive pig named Miss Charlotte — living in a low income African American neighborhood in Hyattsville, Maryland on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. Frank and Reed, both Hyattsville residents (Frank works as an accountant when not making films; Reed works as a meat processor), made "Sweaty Betty" to pay tribute to their neighborhood and the people they've come to love in the area.


curmudgeon, Wednesday, 6 January 2016 21:57 (1 month ago) Permalink

Odd that no one has written about this. Maybe not odd since most blogs around here just write about new restaurant/bar openings

Heez, Wednesday, 6 January 2016 22:15 (1 month ago) Permalink

I think this is their first movie, but they were smart enough to get it to national film fests elsewhere and quickly garnish attention from folks who pay attention to such events.

Pat Padua, who writes about offbeat and critic fave movies for the dcist blog, and curates films for the Library of Congress, usually gears his coverage around movies opening/showing here, as do others in the local media, so maybe when this opens locally it will get ink. But yea, new restaurant/bar openings get the most attention, followed by local rock bands...

curmudgeon, Thursday, 7 January 2016 17:02 (1 month ago) Permalink

Sweaty Betty opens in nyc tomorrow and i plan to catch it, i'll let ya know

skateboards are the new combover (Dr Morbius), Thursday, 7 January 2016 17:08 (1 month ago) Permalink

Please do.

curmudgeon, Friday, 8 January 2016 18:57 (1 month ago) Permalink

Chris Earnshaw's old-school DC photo exhibit, "District" may have a clichéd name, but its worth seeing at the Carnegie Library.

The Anacostia Community Museum has an exhibit with 60s and 70s DC too, that I need to check out.

curmudgeon, Friday, 8 January 2016 19:00 (1 month ago) Permalink

def recommend Sweaty Betty, tho i was unprepared for Redsk1ns content, and thank God for subtitles.

skateboards are the new combover (Dr Morbius), Monday, 11 January 2016 17:09 (4 weeks ago) Permalink

Deft avoidance of hatcat there. Good to hear re sweaty Betty

Heez, Monday, 11 January 2016 17:32 (4 weeks ago) Permalink

This treehouse extends 20 inches into an alley and it’s dividing the neighborhood

"I hope it gets taken down and we can go back to healing," she said.

mookieproof, Friday, 15 January 2016 15:22 (3 weeks ago) Permalink


BIG HOOS aka the steendriver, Friday, 15 January 2016 16:34 (3 weeks ago) Permalink


Capital Hill Corner blog beating the Post to the story

The couple said they passed out fliers alerting neighbors that they were building the treehouse and got no response. They also hired an arborist to help them avoid harming the tree, then bought $300 worth of “eco-friendly tree-building hardware

curmudgeon, Friday, 15 January 2016 16:52 (3 weeks ago) Permalink

It looks like that "Sweaty Betty" movie about the people with a pig in Cheverly is already available via Amazon and elsewhere online, if not yet in DC area theatres (I don't think)

curmudgeon, Friday, 15 January 2016 17:06 (3 weeks ago) Permalink

As part of this strategy, the company said it will not move forward with plans to build two new supercenters in the District — one that was planned for Skyland Town Center in Southeast Washington and the other at Capitol Gateway Marketplace in Northeast Washington.

Of course

curmudgeon, Friday, 15 January 2016 17:48 (3 weeks ago) Permalink

I like how that Hedgpeth felt she needed to explain what the treehouse builders do for a living but not the woman who spends 20 hours a week trying to get the DC govt to tear the treehouse down.

El Tomboto, Saturday, 16 January 2016 00:39 (3 weeks ago) Permalink

“I have no innate interest in photography. I am just a monkey with a finger. I do have a feel on what looks good but have primitive technical skills and little desire to improve.”

arts and crafts THIS GUY (daria-g), Sunday, 17 January 2016 01:16 (3 weeks ago) Permalink

hahaha that sounds like it could be a Warhol quote

controversial but fabulous (I DIED), Sunday, 17 January 2016 01:32 (3 weeks ago) Permalink

I made it to the Anacostia Museum 1963 to 1975 exhibit and the Renwick's new offerings yesterday. Both worth seeing.

curmudgeon, Tuesday, 19 January 2016 17:52 (2 weeks ago) Permalink

Saw this over the weekend:

It seems like pissing off is a pretty good way to ensure a single term?

El Tomboto, Tuesday, 19 January 2016 18:35 (2 weeks ago) Permalink

it is now legal to sled on capitol hill

mookieproof, Wednesday, 20 January 2016 21:20 (2 weeks ago) Permalink

Best part of that recent bill.

x-post--Yes, but is Bowser pissing off most Black and Latino workers, and who will take her on?

curmudgeon, Thursday, 21 January 2016 15:40 (2 weeks ago) Permalink

Metro to suspend service during blizzard: #wmata

good luck. we're all counting on you

mookieproof, Thursday, 21 January 2016 21:27 (2 weeks ago) Permalink

24-30" huh, g'luck all

we can be heroes just for about 3.6 seconds (Dr Morbius), Thursday, 21 January 2016 22:37 (2 weeks ago) Permalink

Now thinking that I did not lay in enough wine.

mom tossed in kimchee (quincie), Thursday, 21 January 2016 22:55 (2 weeks ago) Permalink

I mean my boss suggested that one bottle per inch was the appropriate amount, so I'm like a case and a half short.

mom tossed in kimchee (quincie), Thursday, 21 January 2016 22:55 (2 weeks ago) Permalink

service desk hardman (El Tomboto), Friday, 22 January 2016 15:37 (2 weeks ago) Permalink

Go-go vocalist and old-school r'n'b dj James Funk made it over to the WPFW 89.3 (and online) studio (now at K and 20th Sts NW) and has been on all day spinning great tunes. I wonder if anyone will make it over there to replace him?

18 " of snow earlier in the day at Dupont Circle, more by now. Plus its getting windy. 30 " out in parts of Virgina

curmudgeon, Saturday, 23 January 2016 21:27 (2 weeks ago) Permalink

Millie & Al's possibly for sale for 1.8 million, or maybe not for sale at all?

curmudgeon, Thursday, 28 January 2016 21:09 (1 week ago) Permalink

zoning hearing tonight

Luke Stewart, who manages Union Arts, says that CulturalDC gave a presentation to the building's tenants about its plans, which he was told will include "seven artists studios that will house up to 20 artists." (CulturalDC spokesperson John Richards says it will have "eight artists' studios that can house up [to] 20+ artists"). Stewart says the building currently houses studios and practice spaces for "between 70 and 100 artists"—far more than what CulturalDC's current plan can accommodate.

Stewart is also worried that CulturalDC's plan for cultivating local arts isn't what's currently happening at Union Arts. CulturalDC says it will "solicit proposals from artists of all disciplines for studio spaces, exhibitions, and programming opportunities, and will engage panels of experts and advisory groups to identify appropriate models and programming for artistic inclusion that will reach a broad range of audiences."

Among other functions, Union Arts serves as a practice space for local musicians—something that's hard to come by in D.C. these days—as well as a cherished DIY venue for hosting concerts. Stewart fears this aspect of Union Arts will be lost in CulturalDC's current plan. "The [studio spaces] not going to be for musicians, they're mainly going to attract craft people," Stewart says, "they're completely tearing out the vibe."

On Monday, the D.C. Zoning Commission will hold a hearing on the future of 411 New York Ave. NE. Union Arts is asking all of its supporters to come out en masse to voice their frustrations on the project and the need for space for community artists in the District.

curmudgeon, Monday, 1 February 2016 17:11 (1 week ago) Permalink

Not their "cheap" eats, their "best" ones

1. Fiola Mare, the extravagant Georgetown seafood restaurant.
2. Komi, Johnny Monis and Anne Marler’s Mediterranean-accented tasting-menu destination in Dupont Circle (and last year’s number-one restaurant).
3. Little Serow, Monis and Marler’s Northern/Northeastern Thai dining room.
4. Convivial, Cedric Maupillier’s French-American newcomer in Shaw.
5. Rasika and Rasika West End, the modern Indian dining rooms in Penn Quarter and the West End.
6. Plume, the opulent creative American dining room (with purse stools!) in downtown DC’s Jefferson Hotel.
7. Bad Saint, the tiny Filipino hotspot in Columbia Heights.
8. The Inn at Little Washington, the baroque Rappahannock County destination.
9. Casa Luca, Fabio and Maria Trabocchi’s trattoria in downtown DC.
10. Izakaya Seki, Cizuka and Hiroshi Seki’s spare Japanese place off U Street.
11.The Source, Wolfgang Puck’s recently renovated pan-Asian satellite in Penn Quarter.
12. Masseria, the tasting-menu-only Italian restaurant near Union Market.
13. Garrison, Robert Weland’s farm-to-table newcomer on Barracks Row.
14. Vin 909 Winecafe, the homey small plates and pizza place in Annapolis.
15. Proof, the eclectic wine bar in Penn Quarter.
16. Maketto, the Cambodian/Taiwanese restaurant, coffee bar, and shop on H Street, Northeast.
17. Blue Duck Tavern, the classic American dining room in the Park Hyatt Hotel.
18. Bistro Bis, Jeffrey Buben’s old-school French bastion near the Capitol
19. Central Michel Richard, the playful French/American brasserie in Penn Quarter
20. Marcel’s, Robert Wiedmaier’s quietly formal French restaurant in Foggy Bottom

Rose’s Luxury fell from #3 to #21 (“A once-airtight menu of knockout dishes now yields the occasional dud.”). And the Red Hen dropped from the #7 slot to #39 (“Inconsistencies have cropped up of late.”).

curmudgeon, Monday, 1 February 2016 19:54 (1 week ago) Permalink

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