Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country

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1. Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken
2. Tears For Affairs
3. Come Back Margaret
4. Dory Previn
5. The False Contender
6. Let's Get Out Of This Country
7. Country Mile
8. If Looks Could Kill
9. I Need All The Friends I Can Get
10. Razzle Dazzle Rose

No thread? Surely I'm not the only one that cares!

hobart paving (hobart paving), Wednesday, 21 June 2006 11:38 (fourteen years ago) link

Slightly slicker than Underachievers but it's a fine album. Title track extremely relevant to me at the moment.

Marcello Carlin (nostudium), Wednesday, 21 June 2006 11:40 (fourteen years ago) link

Didn't even know this was coming out... but YAY!
I was just listening to "Suspended from Class" on the way in this morning.

rentboy (rentboy), Wednesday, 21 June 2006 11:43 (fourteen years ago) link

some talk here: taking sides: Camera Obscura v. Belle & Sebastian

not as good as the previous. but then few things are.

koogy wonderland (koogs), Wednesday, 21 June 2006 12:32 (fourteen years ago) link

I think I like it better than Underachievers. The production is slick but I don't think that should be a criticism. It's really beautifully produced. The sound is far richer than their earlier works and I think they've finally transcended the B and S comparisons (unless one wants to make the argument that they are presently more B and S than B and S). The single's fantastic too.

Jacobo Rock (jacobo rock), Wednesday, 21 June 2006 17:07 (fourteen years ago) link

To a new ear, it sounds a lot like the first Concretes album. Am I wrong and should listen a lot more?

Jubalique (Jubalique), Wednesday, 21 June 2006 17:25 (fourteen years ago) link

i dont know about you, but im kinda tired of formulatic twee records.
where is the soul?

emekars (emekars), Wednesday, 21 June 2006 17:26 (fourteen years ago) link

The soul is in the herbal tea. As much as it could be said to describe their earlier stuff, I don't think twee is a valid epithet for their new album though. It's far less precious.

Jacobo Rock (jacobo rock), Wednesday, 21 June 2006 17:48 (fourteen years ago) link

Jubalique - it does sound quite a bit like the first Concretes album (same producer too!), but it's lovely all the same. And much better than the new Concretes album.
I used to be a bit sniffy about them, put them down as Belle & Seb for people who couldn't accept the fact Murdoch and co had moved on, but they've won me over.
Saw them in Glasgow on Saturday and they were excellent. The songs that don't quite come across on the new album sounded much warmer and fuller live.

Stew (stew s), Wednesday, 21 June 2006 20:53 (fourteen years ago) link

cilla black's sister in front of wallpaper they have on hollyoaks != great cover concept.

jed_ (jed), Thursday, 22 June 2006 00:05 (fourteen years ago) link

also i have to look at it 100 X per day because it's flyposted on every street corner in glasgow. 1) is this illegal? 2) can i tell the authorities?

jed_ (jed), Thursday, 22 June 2006 00:07 (fourteen years ago) link

it is much better than the last one, the last one wasn't as good as the first. i think i may like this one better than the first one. i think it's down to all of the songs being hers, the end of democracy.

keyth (keyth), Thursday, 22 June 2006 03:15 (fourteen years ago) link

I think it's great. Excellent attention to sonic detail, which is vital to their sort of music. I caught them live in London in February and they put on a very good show.

Steve Go1dberg (Steve Schneeberg), Thursday, 22 June 2006 04:21 (fourteen years ago) link

one year passes...

When you watch the video for "Hey Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken" on Youtube, the related videos are all T2 & Jodie. Maybe they'll get some extra fans through this.

Dom Passantino, Tuesday, 22 January 2008 16:11 (twelve years ago) link

seven months pass...

I saw them the other day. It was bad!

the pinefox, Thursday, 11 September 2008 08:47 (eleven years ago) link

i was really disappointed when i saw them in melbourne. tracey was in a major bad mood and the whole gig suffered from it

give me some peppermint freddo (electricsound), Thursday, 11 September 2008 08:52 (eleven years ago) link

hey, she was in a major bad mood when I saw them a couple years ago, too.
their equipment had been left in Denmark or something and she was all sad that they had to use someone else's stuff, even though they sounded fine. she just looked mopey the entire time.

salsa shark, Thursday, 11 September 2008 14:25 (eleven years ago) link

Funny. I saw them a few years ago at the Great American Music Hall and I thought they were fabulous.

Tests lipstick on swine (Michael White), Thursday, 11 September 2008 14:36 (eleven years ago) link

I've seen them live twice (a couple years ago). Both excellent shows.

daavid, Thursday, 11 September 2008 19:22 (eleven years ago) link

the title track will be my new theme music if november goes bad

omar little, Thursday, 11 September 2008 19:24 (eleven years ago) link

eleven years pass...

"Lloyd..." got me really good today :')

geoffreyess, Monday, 6 April 2020 02:54 (four months ago) link

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