Cryptopsy: Classic or Dud?

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I was listening to None So Vile today and that's classic fer sure. But what about the rest of em? Outside of "Cold Hate, Warm Blood," Whisper Supremacy didn't sound all that great the one time I listenend at my friend's house and I haven't had the heart to try again. Not sure if that was the album, but one of them had the vocals way up in the mix, which is always a mistake with death metal.

So, classic before Lord Worm left or what?

original bgm, Wednesday, 6 November 2002 19:16 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

Indeed. Blasphemy Made Flesh has been reissued three years ago by Displeased, so it should be easy to find. Although it isn't quite as good as None So Vile, it's definitely worth getting.

The replacement for Lord Worm, Mike DiSalvo wasn't too good (although he was OK live), but he has been replaced by Martin Lacroix earlier this year, so the future looks brighter. I thought the next album was planned for late 2003, but as far as I know nothing is certain.

The best thing about None So Vile is that despite the ludicrous speeds and complexity, the whole thing still grooves like mad (Phobophile is of course the ultimate example). Somehow on the later albums the band couldn't quite find the songwriting balance, it seems. That and a decent mixer.

Siegbran (eofor), Wednesday, 6 November 2002 21:53 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

The intro alone for "Phobophile" is brilliant. First, the piano comes in so you're all like, "What the hell? Piano in a cryptopsy song?" And then that slow bass line shows up, so you think, "Oh, ok. They're gonna take it down a notch and get all atmospheric here and build things up a bit." But no! Then the whole band goes nuts and it is so good.

original bgm, Wednesday, 6 November 2002 23:02 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

i just can't feel the high speed technical death metal stuff anymore for some reason. when i was a lad, suffocation, gorguts, etc, destroyed my mind but my recent re-immersion into metal has been more about space/atmosphere/texture or something. so, i don't know. i've been meaning to check cryptopsy's early stuff out as the later stuff definitely did not impress.

your null fame (yournullfame), Thursday, 7 November 2002 00:07 (sixteen years ago) Permalink

ten years pass...

Would love to see this thread revived. This used to be one of my favorite death metal bands (and Blasphemy and None So Vile are all-time classics, and I did love Whisper Supremacy too). Felt like ...And Then You'll Beg was good too, but a bit of a step down, and didn't really care for Once was Not, and never did wind up hearing Unspoken King.

I recently got the self-titled album, and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. I think I agree with the person (I don't remember who) that said it wasn't a 'classic', but it is quite a good album! To me, it inhabits the space between Whisper Supremacy and Beg. I know not everybody is a fan of that, as it was a little less structured and more indulgent than the BMF/NSV days, which were still technical but a bit more refined when it came to songwriting. But I found myself playing it a lot, and I like the new vocalist.

The interesting thing I find is that in recent years, people now have turned on Lord Worm. I felt like it was hard to get a beat on why he was so great on None So Vile, as his vocals are very far down in the mix, but his vocals on Blasphemy Made Flesh are outright insane, and he useds different voicings throughout it (good use of high and low screams). I just find it weird how there seemed to be a consensus to me that he was a classic, legendary vocalist, and now that consensus seems to have shifted.

My opinion hasn't changed -- I still really dig his vocals on those first two albums. I feel like DiSalvo was the weakest vocalist they ever had, as he didn't fit their death metal sound, but he didn't necessarily detract much either.

I will say their live show disappointed me on the Beg show. I saw them in 2001, and they looked very unenthused, played for less than an hour, and DiSalvo looked like he positively wasn't listening to me when I tried to compliment his band on the admittedly not-very-good set they just played (you know, the laugh people do when they didn't really understand what they were just told and do that to cover up? yeah, that).

NINO CARTER, Saturday, 5 January 2013 23:59 (six years ago) Permalink

unspoken king is p hilarious

emo canon in twee major (BradNelson), Sunday, 6 January 2013 20:29 (six years ago) Permalink

I almost wound up buying that album one day because I was at Virgin Megastore (a lil while before it was closing its doors), and was looking for some new metal to buy. And I see this, and the 'listening station' isn't working so I can't preview any of it, so I stumble on the computer screen across a review of it that described it as if it was Gorguts's "Obscura", talking about how progressive and creative the album was. Not a press release, either, this was a review. I wound up not getting it, and it wasn't until later that I found out this album is like universally hated and that they went metalcore.

NINO CARTER, Sunday, 6 January 2013 20:32 (six years ago) Permalink

(listening station was working i mean there were no audio samples of the album)

NINO CARTER, Sunday, 6 January 2013 20:32 (six years ago) Permalink

Just found my copy of Once was Not, which I haven't played in 7 years. going to give it a spin.

erm so far this is way better than I remembered

NINO CARTER, Sunday, 6 January 2013 20:49 (six years ago) Permalink

Ok, now I think I remember what my issue was. The drums are mixed high and the guitars mixed low, and I did most of my music listening in the car back then due to my commute to work.

Giving this a proper listen now, it's not essential like the first two discs, but I'm digging this!

NINO CARTER, Sunday, 6 January 2013 20:54 (six years ago) Permalink

I wrote about Unspoken King (and interviewed Flo Mounier) back in 2009; the story's on my blog now. It's not an awful album; it's just an unexpected move from Cryptopsy.

誤訳侮辱, Sunday, 6 January 2013 21:13 (six years ago) Permalink

Yeah I read your article in one of the other threads. I don't really have a huge desire to hear it as the description sounds like something I won't like, but maybe out of curiosity I'll eventually stumble on it.

NINO CARTER, Sunday, 6 January 2013 21:16 (six years ago) Permalink

It's not an awful album

despite what i said upthread about it being hilarious, i agree

emo canon in twee major (BradNelson), Sunday, 6 January 2013 21:36 (six years ago) Permalink

i think the untrue status of metalcore/deathcore among metal ppl is 100 percent understandable but also kind of a shame. idk, i just listened to august burns red's leveler which in hindsight is prob my favorite metal record of 2011, and i feel like parts of it would really appeal to a lot of, say, tech death metal ppl

emo canon in twee major (BradNelson), Sunday, 6 January 2013 23:17 (six years ago) Permalink

...And Then You'll Beg is a classic imo

too many encores (underrated aerosmith bootlegs I have owned), Monday, 7 January 2013 03:08 (six years ago) Permalink

I had only been into death metal for like a year and a half or so at that point so it was probably the first death metal release (or one of them) I actually anticipated.

NINO CARTER, Monday, 7 January 2013 03:09 (six years ago) Permalink

think I even pre-ordered from Amazon, lol

NINO CARTER, Monday, 7 January 2013 03:10 (six years ago) Permalink

two years pass...

have always had difficulty listening to Blasphemy Made Flesh due to the mix but damned if it doesn't sound a lot better in its Lossless version.

Hammer Smashed Bagels, Thursday, 14 May 2015 21:35 (three years ago) Permalink

none so vile is awesome. they're playing here next week but i h8 the venue

😂 (am0n), Thursday, 14 May 2015 22:07 (three years ago) Permalink

do they even have lyrics lol

😂 (am0n), Thursday, 14 May 2015 22:09 (three years ago) Permalink

Lord Worm's lyrics can be amazing. And very out there. Every once in a while he throws in something that sounds like a demented Oscar Wilde ("Nature abhors a vacuum; the same can be said of a tomb").

Also whatever all this means:

Touched by Jeqon
the Inciter,
well-rounded womanflesh
doth tempt
the Angels of the Watch
to sin,
and their Sons are

Thrice Blessed are we in His Garden:
we have the Word, our health, our kin:
as we "go forth and multiply,"
we take from each other's skin

Endogamy: the Choice of millions
in (all their) Elemental ugliness:
in the echoes of Repetition,
Imperfection sires itself

Nothing in Life
has any business being Perfect:
it's an affront
to anyone with good taste

Choice is Divine,
so choose Family over strangers;
why trouble the Waters
of the gene pool for a mate?

Carbon Vessel
carbon content
carbon copy

Like a lump between two surgeons,
Man quivers 'twixt desire and need;
the Law is the Will, and we've chosen
the Kingdom of Which we would be

In filial Sect,
we are Genesis Incarnate:
in our faces,
see Manifest Destiny

(and) leave nothing alive

With thoughts of Heaven come deeds of flesh:
we'd look once more upon His Holy Visage,
and our children whom we've known and wed
(are) our means to recreate His Image

In lurking Fear of His Displeasure
after dark, between their cries,
in the Eye of the Beholder:
this is where Beauty dies

Devilock, Thursday, 14 May 2015 23:15 (three years ago) Permalink

I need to hear a decent version of BMF. I used to have one of those awful remasters done from a crap mix. It was the worst of all worlds. I listened to some dude's vinyl copy over youtube and even through that could tell it sounded better than any I'd heard before.

Devilock, Thursday, 14 May 2015 23:18 (three years ago) Permalink

And I do like the DiSalvo years. A different beast obviously.

Devilock, Thursday, 14 May 2015 23:20 (three years ago) Permalink

Whisper Supremacy was great.

yeah I don't like the venue they're playing at next week here either but I'm still going.

but wtf at Levasseur leaving again. needs to make up his damn mind.

Hammer Smashed Bagels, Friday, 15 May 2015 05:45 (three years ago) Permalink

lol is Flo the only original member? damn.

Hammer Smashed Bagels, Friday, 15 May 2015 15:17 (three years ago) Permalink

He'll drum on one of your songs for $500.

Not as bizarre as the current Christian Death kickstarter tbf. (Valor Kand will baptize your baby or officiate your wedding for $2000. CD will play at your funeral for $20K.)

Devilock, Friday, 15 May 2015 18:22 (three years ago) Permalink

I contributed to that kickstarter but only $5.

Hammer Smashed Bagels, Friday, 15 May 2015 19:29 (three years ago) Permalink

they were awesome the other night. I actually liked the new song they debuted too.

I finally listened to some of Unspoken King and while I can see where the whining came from, it wasn't balls-out bad like I was expecting. not exactly memorable and terrible vocals but not exactly St Anger

Hammer Smashed Bagels, Saturday, 23 May 2015 14:57 (three years ago) Permalink

Lord Worm's lyrics can be amazing.

What eventually got me into this band were the lyrics to Benedictine Convulsions; well, more the fact that there was a song called Benedictine Convulsions and that the lyrics read like a hallucinatory impression of one of those European Satan-panics like the one that happened at Loudun.

Jim Gillette's unused octave (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Saturday, 23 May 2015 20:11 (three years ago) Permalink

two months pass...

listening to None So Vile right now. holy fuck it is so fucking amazing! haven't gotten so hard into, like, any other death metal album

imago, Thursday, 30 July 2015 19:24 (three years ago) Permalink

I think one of the things I like about None So Vile is that it has a little bit of looseness to the playing and production. They're obviously a proficient band but it doesn't have that almost asphyxiating tightness of, say, Effigy of the Forgotten.

a poetic ODE to FORNICATION (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Thursday, 30 July 2015 19:36 (three years ago) Permalink

Which is also great, obviously!

a poetic ODE to FORNICATION (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Thursday, 30 July 2015 19:36 (three years ago) Permalink

it's loose and rangy and the songs move in kickass directions and it all grooves so sweetly. plus they have tunes! and they understand suspense!

imago, Thursday, 30 July 2015 19:41 (three years ago) Permalink


a poetic ODE to FORNICATION (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Thursday, 30 July 2015 20:06 (three years ago) Permalink

Love that Lord Worm was an English teacher.

a poetic ODE to FORNICATION (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Thursday, 30 July 2015 22:07 (three years ago) Permalink

three months pass...

it weirds me out a little that despite only Flo remaining from that era, the new EP just about inhabits the space between Whisper Supremacy and ...And Then You'll Beg.

Hammer Smashed Bagels, Saturday, 7 November 2015 02:54 (three years ago) Permalink

also they were really hella awesome earlier this year. I probably still am sore from hitting the deck during "Phobophile"

Hammer Smashed Bagels, Saturday, 7 November 2015 02:55 (three years ago) Permalink

lol, apparently they've had 16 other people in the band at various times other than their current lineup. enough for four Cryptopsys! (5 and some change if they decided to be power trios)

Hammer Smashed Bagels, Saturday, 7 November 2015 02:58 (three years ago) Permalink

They should do that thing King Crimson did once, where there are three trios playing at once.

Capitalism Is A Death Cult And Science Is A Whore (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Saturday, 7 November 2015 22:04 (three years ago) Permalink


Capitalism Is A Death Cult And Science Is A Whore (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Saturday, 7 November 2015 22:04 (three years ago) Permalink

one year passes...

I love Blasphemy Made Flesh but will never quite get why they seem to have shoved the guitar into only one side of the mix.

it's not like expanding the sound on NSV made the awesome bass inaudible.

still tho......"Defenestration" might just be one of their best tunes.

Neanderthal, Saturday, 7 January 2017 19:56 (two years ago) Permalink

I don't notice that in the mix on the reissue, do you have an earlier version? Agreed on Defenestration though.

szyslakial moescreancy (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Friday, 20 January 2017 10:42 (two years ago) Permalink

four months pass...

the reissue sounds better yes.

going to see them do NSV live tonight in Atlanta. humorous to me that Flo is the only one in the band that even played on that thing but what do I care? the new band is tight and their last EP ripped.

I wonder if they'll play anything else after.

Charles "Butt" Stanton (Neanderthal), Saturday, 27 May 2017 21:07 (one year ago) Permalink

Decrepit Birth opening too!

Charles "Butt" Stanton (Neanderthal), Saturday, 27 May 2017 21:08 (one year ago) Permalink

I would be pretty happy if they just played NSV over again tbh

the evening redness at the injection site (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Sunday, 28 May 2017 08:58 (one year ago) Permalink

Oh man this was awesome. Phobophile got the place moving. I am sore af

Charles "Butt" Stanton (Neanderthal), Sunday, 28 May 2017 10:29 (one year ago) Permalink

Also finally got the elusive None So Vile shirt (they didn't have any but small last time) and it's a special tour version

Charles "Butt" Stanton (Neanderthal), Sunday, 28 May 2017 11:53 (one year ago) Permalink

vocalist Dan Greening (who would later take the name "Lord Worm" because he would dig up and ingest worms on stage)

well that's that mystery solved

Charles "Butt" Stanton (Neanderthal), Wednesday, 31 May 2017 02:28 (one year ago) Permalink

eight months pass...

Man, Once Was Not is pretty monstrous. I will totally stan for the DiSalvo* era but when they have Lord Worm there's just a weird chemistry nothing quite matches. And again the production on this record is so good, lots of air around everything.

* DiSalvo's one of two (or three or four) vocalists in Coma Cluster Void rn if anyone needs like uh discordant slabby brutal prog metal.

my dreams in the hell-pits (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Wednesday, 7 February 2018 11:07 (one year ago) Permalink

"Here Come the Cadaver Dogs" actually manages to be a song about serial killers that's kind of lyrically interesting.

my dreams in the hell-pits (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Wednesday, 7 February 2018 11:16 (one year ago) Permalink

Wait it's "Keeping the Cadaver Dogs Busy," was confusing them with the Monkees.

Here come the cadaver dogs:
they'll find where the dead man lies;
unlike us, they'll be soft with him,
like he were thinning ice

my dreams in the hell-pits (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Wednesday, 7 February 2018 11:19 (one year ago) Permalink

I love Lord Worm's puckish sense of humor is what I'm saying.

my dreams in the hell-pits (GOTT PUNCH II HAWKWINDZ), Thursday, 8 February 2018 08:24 (one year ago) Permalink

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