Not Pop Not Indie Shambhala 2018 Thread

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Didn't see one of these for this year yet...

maura, Friday, 2 February 2018 13:23 (two weeks ago) Permalink

The new album by Thea & the Wild is out today! It's much more synth-heavy than its predecessor but Thea's voice sounds gorgeous and there are a couple of exquisite moments. I love the synth strings all over the place, like on this track:

maura, Friday, 2 February 2018 13:25 (two weeks ago) Permalink

^ Gave this a cursory listen last night before bed. Need to hear it a couple more times, but it sounds so good.

Johnny Fever, Friday, 2 February 2018 17:38 (two weeks ago) Permalink


Evan R, Friday, 2 February 2018 22:30 (two weeks ago) Permalink

Coupla new ones I've been listening to throughout January...

New Shack - "Ways and Means"

Mt. Si - "911"

Johnny Fever, Saturday, 3 February 2018 22:32 (two weeks ago) Permalink

This one's a little more jangly/guitar-based than what I'd normally submit for this thread, but it's too retro minded to squarely fit in either the pop or indie category, so shambhala it is!

Hatchie - "Sure"

Johnny Fever, Saturday, 3 February 2018 22:35 (two weeks ago) Permalink

i don't remember how i came across this artist and i'm not sure if it fits precisely in this or any other thread but i would be interested to see what other people think of faith marie

the core of it is an emo/evanescence type vibe surrounded with swirling and unpredictable layers of spoken word and string arrangements, on one level it seems like something fairly accessible it would be easy to imagine teenagers in the suburbs listening to but on another level every creative decision she makes feels like a sharp left turn that i can't imagine anyone else making

a lot of people i've showed this stuff to really viscerally disliked it but i come back to it a lot

james brooks, Saturday, 3 February 2018 22:54 (two weeks ago) Permalink

Put me in the viscerally dislike column, but variety is the spice of life.

Johnny Fever, Saturday, 3 February 2018 23:00 (two weeks ago) Permalink

Not sure exactly where to place this on the genre spectrum, but shambhala is a big enough tent...

L I M - "Rushing Guy"

Johnny Fever, Sunday, 4 February 2018 03:48 (two weeks ago) Permalink

Karolina Linowska - a candidate for Poland's Eurovision, sorta like a lower-key Margaret Berger.

algorithm is a dancer (katherine), Sunday, 4 February 2018 22:57 (two weeks ago) Permalink

love the Hatchie and New Shack - thanks Johnny!

sean gramophone, Monday, 5 February 2018 15:30 (two weeks ago) Permalink

More on the pop side of the spectrum, Priest (formerly "X Priest X") have a new song and I think it's their best since "Samurai"

daavid, Tuesday, 6 February 2018 04:05 (two weeks ago) Permalink

I'm also digging some tracks off the new Club 8 album, which sounds quite a bit darker than usual

daavid, Tuesday, 6 February 2018 04:15 (two weeks ago) Permalink

Bump for release of ionnalee's Everyone Afraid to be Forgotten

About half has been aired, the new stuff is of similar quality, and I suspect in decades to come we'll look back on iamamiwhoami/ionnalee as among, if not The, top tier electropop ouvre of this decade.

Acanthonus armatus (Sanpaku), Friday, 16 February 2018 21:35 (six days ago) Permalink

I started it last night, but 15 songs seems like too many songs. I'll finish it up sooner or later (it's v good so far).

Johnny Fever, Friday, 16 February 2018 21:46 (six days ago) Permalink

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