Redd Kross : Classic Or Dud?

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Neurotica is one of the best albums of the 80s. And was the start of 4 classic albums. Sadly Ed Kurdziel died of an O/D. My favourite story about him was when they played Glasgow on the Show World tour, 'Crazy World' was being used on a Mars bar advert. So when They played that song, a fan threw some Mars bars on stage, and Ed through his plectrum away and played the rest of the song with a mars bar instead.
Whats everyone elses fave album by Redd Kross?

PeterM, Wednesday, 11 December 2002 11:11 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Jimmy's Fantasy/Disco Bitch is also great. Way before their time.

Nordicskillz (Nordicskillz), Wednesday, 11 December 2002 11:16 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Theres so many great Redd Kross songs. Totally underrated band.
Everyone from the posies to jellyfish to Nirvana and sonic youth/butthole surfers namechecked them, yet they never made it big.
I seem to remember Melody Maker covering them a lot. I forget the name of the journalist who did the articles,but she went on to work for kerrang(where she covered redd kross there too)
Damned if I can remember her name. She had pink hair. I remember that.

peter m, Wednesday, 11 December 2002 13:49 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

I heard of them through their Redd Blood Cells project, and now love 'em.

"I hate my school" is my favorite.

David Allen, Wednesday, 11 December 2002 15:00 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Arthur to thread!

Sean (Sean), Wednesday, 11 December 2002 15:58 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

classic and moreso... for all the crazy side projects/cover versions/collaborations with weirdos like danny bonnaduce and stuff. rhiannon....

the best new years i've ever had was seeing them at Maxwell's.

kate (suzy), Wednesday, 11 December 2002 16:27 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Funnily enough, I always thought NEUROTICA was their weakest, but they were SUCH a great (and sadly misunderstood) band. Why has TEEN BABES FROM MONSANTO never been released on disc, goddammit?!?!?!


Alex in NYC (vassifer), Wednesday, 11 December 2002 16:27 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

The greatest band ever ever ever.

When I first got into them, around the time of Teen Babes (I'd heard of them before that, but I assumed they were just another bunch of LA hardcore dorks, boy was I wrong), it was like I'd found my perfect rock group. They seemed to have the same record and video collections as me and my friends, the same voracious, unashamed pop culture appetites, only they'd actually gotten off their asses and formed a band. And what a band!

And my favorite these days is Born Innocent, nobody has ever done anarchic smartass sloppy teen rock better. I think it's their one perfect album.

They were always misunderstood, that's for sure. Not that they didn't play up to their camp aspects--some of those outfits around the time of Third Eye are beyond ridiculous. I remember an Everett True article in MM where he referred to the McDonald Bros. as "two big queens from Hollywood" or something like that. But that's all part of what made them so fab, I suppose.

Search: The Ze Malibu Kids record, it's weird and wonderful.

See me blab about them even more inarticulately here:

Taking Sides: Ween vs. Redd Kross

And a million other threads.

Arthur (Arthur), Wednesday, 11 December 2002 16:59 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Teen babes From Monsanto ep is on the Australian Import 'Trance' cd.
It has the Trance and Byrds & Fleas singles then the Monsanto ep songs after it.
I hear Neurotica is finally being released on cd. I only have it on cdr. the vinyl is near impossible to find. and next year theres going to be a Ltd Edition COLOURED vinyl version with a poster and different bonus tracks . I have also seen about Born inocent on 180g vinyl. Does this improve the sound or is it a con to get people who go on about vinyl better than cds to buy it?

Anyone heard the Stephen Mcdonald Group yet?

peter m, Wednesday, 11 December 2002 17:09 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

do i have to mention DESPERATE TEENAGE LOVEDOLLS?!?!? and TEENAGE LOVEDOLL SUPERSTAR?!?!? best. film. EVAH!!! just for the scene with the KISS doll telling a macdonald to kill bruce springsteen...

kate, Wednesday, 11 December 2002 17:18 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Wow I have to see that!!!!!!
Did you all know Jeff McDonald wrote one of Belinda Carlisles hits?

Peter m, Wednesday, 11 December 2002 17:38 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

He wrote "Big Scary Animal" infact it may have been a co-write with Steve. Im sure theres a site somewhere to check that out.
I think Jeff is/was married to one of the go-gos as well.

Peter M, Wednesday, 11 December 2002 17:39 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

i thought it was one of the bangles, but i could be wrong...

kate, Wednesday, 11 December 2002 17:40 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

classic classic classic esp. neurotica & teen babes... born innocent has its charms too

Fritz Wollner (Fritz), Wednesday, 11 December 2002 17:44 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Maybe it is one of the bangles. Im really not sure.
I always wondered who their parents are, after all they grew up in a rich neighbourhood with famous people.
Were their folks famous or were did they just live amongst famous people hence the fascination with it all.

I wish Redd Kross would reform.
They toured with Foo Fighters, and Redd Kross were a much better band.

Peter M, Wednesday, 11 December 2002 17:51 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

I keep meaning to catch up on these guys. I've only got Neurotica used, which I might have played twice a few years ago.

Curt (cgould), Wednesday, 11 December 2002 18:01 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

"Teen babes From Monsanto ep is on the Australian Import 'Trance' cd."

Wow. Didn't know that. Thanks, Peter. Must go fetch it now!

Alex in NYC (vassifer), Wednesday, 11 December 2002 18:21 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

My pleasure. Seen it about on Ebay. Bought mine in Tower Records,London years ago.
Also have a ltd edition 10" '2500 Redd Kross Fans Cant be Wrong' Trance is on that i think.
Ive never seen teen babes on ebay though.

Peter M, Wednesday, 11 December 2002 18:29 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

They grew up in Hawthorne, an LA beach suburb that also spawned the Beach Boys. Not a wealthy suburb at all, though from what I've been told they were very, uh, indulged by their parents. They were encouraged to rock from a very early age.

Jeff McDonald's married to Charlotte Caffey of the Go-Gos. He used to go out with Vicki or Debbie Peterson from the Bangles, I forget which one.

Arthur (Arthur), Wednesday, 11 December 2002 18:30 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Re: obsession w/ famous people. Everyone in LA is like that, you get used to it.

Arthur (Arthur), Wednesday, 11 December 2002 18:31 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

I still find it funny that 2 ex members went on to join Black Flag & Circle Jerks.

Whats Gere upto these days?

Ze Malibu Kidz Features Anna Waronker. Apparently she was in another band. Know anything about either? Whats worth checking out etc (if Kazaa has it)

Peter M, Wednesday, 11 December 2002 18:43 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Gere Fennelly plays regularly at Marie Callendars, the famous pie restaurant, on Wilshire Blvd. near the Tar Pits and LACMA. According to the Redd Kross website, she has an album out called Gere Played Piano under the name 88 Magic. She's great--she played at my best friend's memorial service!

Anna Waronker's band was that dog. Their last album, Retreat from the Sun was the only one I really liked. Look for the title song. They had too many cute boy/crush Ameritwee songs for my liking.

I prefer the McDonald Brothers songs ("Standing in the Wrong Line", "What's Wrong with Stephani", "Outer Circle") on the Ze Malibu Kids record, though Anna's cover of "You're So Vain" and her song "I Won't Forget You" are OK .

Arthur (Arthur), Wednesday, 11 December 2002 19:33 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

my favs are the 1st record/born innocent/teen babes/neurotica but the later stuff's pretty cool too. man i so wanna see the lovedolls movies!

d, Wednesday, 11 December 2002 20:59 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Does anyone have the 'Tater Totz' albums. I think theres 3 of them, though i'm not sure.

Peter M, Wednesday, 11 December 2002 22:27 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

yeah i got 2 of em, i thought that's all there was? alien sleestaks from brazil & sgt shonen's exploding plastic whatever it's called. those're both great although i guess some of the jokes get tired

unknown or illegal (doorag), Wednesday, 11 December 2002 22:42 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

There's this one--

Actually, I can't remember how much of it is live, really. I'll check when I get home. I know it's got their appearance at an LA Beatle Convention, where they got Jennifer Schwartz from the Love Dolls to sing "Don't Worry Kyoko" with them and were booed off the stage. Now that's CLASSIC!!!

Arthur (Arthur), Thursday, 12 December 2002 00:08 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

"Trance" and "Byrds and Fleas" are both fantastic songs. I met them when they came out to Australia years and years ago and they were absolutely lovely people too.

electric sound of jim (electricsound), Thursday, 12 December 2002 00:33 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

does anyone know any info about the guy who played with them fairly recently (4-6 years ago) and died of a heroin OD? i'm trying to remember his story...

gygax!, Thursday, 12 December 2002 00:39 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Ed Kurdziel. See story above.
The band split when he died.

Peter M, Thursday, 12 December 2002 01:26 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Let me second just about everything everyone has said. I was wandering around the UCLA campus the day that they played a noontime set -- that's a photo of it on the inside of Third Eye -- and that was my first encounter with them, bless 'em. They were on the bill with the Butthole Surfers and L7 at that show at the Palladium in early 1991 where Kurt and Courtney allegedly first met; I just remember the band's hair being everywhere and their Good Times cover being the shiznitz that night in particular. Then there was the glorious Palace show with them in 1992 where the Muffs opened and Jeff got everyone to gleefully shout "Fuck you Steven!" to celebrate his birthday or something. Etc. Etc. Arthur, I will one day demand access to all your videos and films and things of them, I've seen NONE of them!

As for them glorious Tater Totz:

Great album, I sez. How can you go wrong with an album where you get to hear Michael Quercio say during a cover of "Tomorrow Never Knows" "This is a song about control — my control!"

Ned Raggett (Ned), Thursday, 12 December 2002 04:08 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

arthur arthur could you tape that 3rd tater totz for me????pls??

d, Thursday, 12 December 2002 22:50 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Sure, send me your address. I can copy you those Kim Fowley records, too, if you want.

Arthur (Arthur), Thursday, 12 December 2002 23:00 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

ok cool i will! thanks lots + lots!!

duane, Friday, 13 December 2002 02:02 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

one year passes...

Piers (piers), Thursday, 28 October 2004 05:39 (thirteen years ago) Permalink

one year passes...
From the Redd Kross List.

Redd Kross will be performing July 1st at the Red Cat Theater in Los
Angeles, CA.

The Red Cat only holds about 200 people and tickets are NOT for sale

Brigadier Lethbridge-Pfunkboy (Kerr), Wednesday, 24 May 2006 00:09 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Just saw Steve the other night on bass with Sparks. He wears the mustache and soul patch surprisingly well.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Wednesday, 24 May 2006 00:15 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Are you going to this gig, Ned?

Brigadier Lethbridge-Pfunkboy (Kerr), Wednesday, 24 May 2006 00:49 (twelve years ago) Permalink

'They seemed to have the same record and video collections as me and my friends, the same voracious, unashamed pop culture appetites'

Which is why they had such a loyal cult of similarly aged trash culture fans. To that small group, they were more than a band--more like a state of mind.


Don't forget Spirit of '76 with Keith Partridge himself.

Carlos Keith (Buck_Wilde), Wednesday, 24 May 2006 01:44 (twelve years ago) Permalink

quite classic i should say

nude s*ock, Wednesday, 24 May 2006 01:47 (twelve years ago) Permalink

From their MySpace page (i know, i know):

"Now back in the studio, Redd Kross are working on a new release for 2006, and we are looking forward to it as much as you are."

Really hoping for a tour if this is true.

cdwill (cdwill), Wednesday, 24 May 2006 03:54 (twelve years ago) Permalink

three weeks pass...
July 1st @ the Red Cat Theater - your faves are back together: Jeff,
Steven, Roy McDonald and Robert Hecker!

Don't Knock The Rock!

Roberts back!!

Brigadier Lethbridge-Pfunkboy (Kerr), Wednesday, 14 June 2006 12:55 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Saw 'em open for Sonic Youth (whom they way outshone) in Toronto in '90, and that was a show to remember! They stretched their final chord of the evening for what seemed like an hour (prob. more like 12-15 minutes, in actual fact.) Plus Steve made some onstage wisecracks about Klaus Nomi that SEEMED funny, even tho they went completely over my head. (I'd never heard Klaus's music before.)(Still haven't.) Great fun.

M. Agony Von Bontee (M. Agony Von Bontee), Wednesday, 14 June 2006 19:14 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Funny, I saw the same combo circa the Sister tour. Beyond that, The Spirit of '76, and that '93 album, I'll have to do some catching up... I do remember reading that a lot of Circle Jerks riffs or songs were originally Red Cross ones.

Pete Scholtes (Pete Scholtes), Wednesday, 14 June 2006 21:12 (twelve years ago) Permalink

one year passes...

So this is like the greatest thing ever:

As is the too brief bit of this:

Ned Raggett, Saturday, 3 May 2008 18:47 (ten years ago) Permalink

Oh shit. Need to here 'Annette's Got The Hits' and don't have it to hand.
Might go to pub.Do you think it will be on the dukey?

Fer Ark, Saturday, 3 May 2008 19:36 (ten years ago) Permalink

Sundar, Saturday, 3 May 2008 20:19 (ten years ago) Permalink

Neurotica is one of the best albums of the 80s. And was the start of 4 classic albums

"Start" of 4 classic albums????

xhuxk, Saturday, 3 May 2008 21:26 (ten years ago) Permalink

Just let it go, dude.

bamcquern, Saturday, 3 May 2008 21:31 (ten years ago) Permalink

So is that first EP available ANYWHERE? What about the song "Rich Brat" from one of those "Life Is...So Why Not..." comp LPs?

sleeve, Saturday, 3 May 2008 21:55 (ten years ago) Permalink

"Kill Someone You Hate" === Greatest Song EVAR

Smashing windows
with a baseball bat
=== Greatest Introductory Couplet EVAR

SecondBassman, Monday, 5 May 2008 20:16 (ten years ago) Permalink

OK I see Rich Brat is on some newish collector scum 7" EP of 79-82 stuff. But that first EP starts at $70 on GEMM, fuck. Can't they just change the name? Who has the rights to Posh Boy these days?

sleeve, Monday, 5 May 2008 21:14 (ten years ago) Permalink


Sundar, Monday, 5 May 2008 22:23 (ten years ago) Permalink

goddamm fucking bootlegggers. I bought that 7" through the mail and it basically says right on the back "sorry about the skip in 'Rich Brat' LOL".

buyer beware.

sleeve, Thursday, 15 May 2008 23:20 (ten years ago) Permalink

one month passes...

Me + Toronto + Redd Kross = last Saturday night!

I've seen them many times before but not, obviously, this millenium. All their albums were represented (only Bubblegum Factory from 3rd Eye though) plus some stuff I didn't recognise which may well be new material but was also some obscure early stuff judging by certain crowd members' reaction. I missed Gerri on the keyboards but the huge bonus was Robert Hecker back on guitar. Jeez, this guy is a rock'n'roll guitar genius, even if he looks like a jazz nut with his white suit, silk tie and weird little orange guitar slung right under his chin. From power chords to manic shreds he ruled the show, and importantly prevented it from being a "McDonald Bros + yr granny = Redd Kross" type affair.

The brothers look older but not old. Steve's still only 41 and I guess Jeff's probably 44 now but it was just like the old days with sweat-soaked hair flying all over the place, synchronised headbanging and all the usual routines. It was a great, tight set - just a bit over an hour but they played tons of songs. None of those eternal endings or jammed-out Beatles covers. Then just to ram home the fact that they haven't changed, they closed the show with "Good Times" theme with Hecker taking the lead vocal.

This was the most jumping around I've done at a show in years.

everything, Tuesday, 17 June 2008 00:56 (ten years ago) Permalink

Awesome. Would love to see them again. I would imagine the older songs were from the red cross ep?

Herman G. Neuname, Tuesday, 17 June 2008 00:58 (ten years ago) Permalink

I reckon so. They must've played about 6 real short songs that I couldn't place. I'm ashamed to say that I've got (a bootleg of) that ep, plus Born Innocent but probably only played them a couple of times each. My Redd Kross doesn't really begin until Teen Babes.

everything, Tuesday, 17 June 2008 01:02 (ten years ago) Permalink

theres rehearsal footage where they play those songs last year on youtube.

Herman G. Neuname, Tuesday, 17 June 2008 01:05 (ten years ago) Permalink

the ep is great. born innocent not so.

Herman G. Neuname, Tuesday, 17 June 2008 01:05 (ten years ago) Permalink

Those old numbers sounded fantastic. Really sharp. I admit I was getting a little bit impatient when they played Crazy World and Pretty Please Me. I was thinking "fuck it's been 10 years, now I've got 75 minutes with you guys, why are you wasting playing these corny covers when you could be playing Monolith or Shonen Knife." Of course then they would launch into Switchblade Sister or something equally awesome.

everything, Tuesday, 17 June 2008 02:59 (ten years ago) Permalink

two years pass...

Just found the first EP on the Killed by Death site. What an awesome six-songs-in-six-minutes that is. Don't think they were ever better.

ithappens, Tuesday, 9 November 2010 15:40 (seven years ago) Permalink


naked human hands and a foam rubber head (contenderizer), Tuesday, 9 November 2010 18:39 (seven years ago) Permalink

the ep is great. born innocent not so.

― Herman G. Neuname, Monday, June 16, 2008 9:05 PM


jabbascript (am0n), Tuesday, 9 November 2010 18:50 (seven years ago) Permalink

born innocent is solid good, not great, not a patch on the EP

naked human hands and a foam rubber head (contenderizer), Tuesday, 9 November 2010 19:04 (seven years ago) Permalink

Not listened to Born Innocent in years. Only one I can remember is Linda Blair.

ithappens, Wednesday, 10 November 2010 10:32 (seven years ago) Permalink

one year passes...

And out of nowhere:

Redd Kross is back and delivering their signature brand of genuine rock 'n' roll with a vengeance. On August 7, Merge Records will release Researching the Blues, the first new album from Redd Kross in 15 years.

Researching the Blues features 10 new songs clocking in at just under 32 minutes. With songs written by Jeff and produced and mixed by Steven, the album is by far the band’s favorite record. Steve says, “It has the most singular artistic vision of any record we’ve done. It’s just 10 really fucking awesome songs that have the ability to move you in many different ways.”

Founded 34 years ago in Los Angeles during the first wave of LA punk rock by brothers Jeff and Steven McDonald (then respectively 15 and 11 years old), Redd Kross cut their teeth opening for Black Flag at a middle school graduation party. Their debut recordings caught the attention of Rodney Bingenheimer, who quickly became a fan as he spun their Ramones-inspired songs like “Annette's Got The Hits” and "I Hate My School" on the world-famous KROQ.

In 2006, Jeff and Steven announced their reunion with the “classic Neurotica” line-up, joined once again by guitarist Robert Hecker (IT’S OK) and drummer Roy McDonald (The Muffs). Redd Kross have been playing to enthusiastic audiences at sold-out select shows and festivals such as the Azkena Festival; Coachella; The HooDoo Gurus’ Invitational, "Dig It Up”; All Tomorrow's Parties; and Pop Montréal. More Redd Kross tour dates to come this year!

image description

Track List:

1. Researching the Blues

2. Stay Away From Downtown

3. Uglier

4. Dracula’s Daughters

5. Meet Frankenstein

6. One of the Good Ones

7. The Nu Temptations

8. Choose to Play

9. Winter Blues

10. Hazel Eyes

Redd Kross is:

Jeff McDonald – Vocals, Guitars

Steven McDonald – Bass, Vocals

Roy McDonald – Drums

Robert Hecker – Guitars

Ned Raggett, Monday, 7 May 2012 15:20 (six years ago) Permalink

I came here to post the press release Ned did... Can this possibly be good?

Loud guitars shit all over "Bette Davis Eyes" (NYCNative), Monday, 7 May 2012 19:38 (six years ago) Permalink

Jeff McDonald is saying it's the greatest album they've ever made.

Poliopolice, Monday, 7 May 2012 19:48 (six years ago) Permalink

i mean, what's his motivation to lie about it???

Poliopolice, Monday, 7 May 2012 19:48 (six years ago) Permalink


Algerian Goalkeeper, Monday, 7 May 2012 19:50 (six years ago) Permalink

i just hope they haven't forgotten how to rock

Algerian Goalkeeper, Monday, 7 May 2012 19:50 (six years ago) Permalink

i dread it being an album of ballads with lots of strings

Algerian Goalkeeper, Monday, 7 May 2012 19:51 (six years ago) Permalink

if they do that, it will be an ironic nod to the carpenters or some shit

Poliopolice, Monday, 7 May 2012 19:54 (six years ago) Permalink

four years pass...

They've got an album of rarities/unreleased stuff called Hot Issue out at the moment. It's pretty good for odds & sods.

Colonel Poo, Thursday, 4 May 2017 16:43 (one year ago) Permalink

I knew I should have seen them in DC the other night. Oh well.

curmudgeon, Friday, 5 May 2017 14:45 (one year ago) Permalink

There's a Hot Issue vol 2 came out, which is a brilliant live set from 1997. Has a strong focus on 3rd Eye/Phaseshifter/Showworld - and that material was so great when Gere was still with the band. She's out by this point but the guitars are really beefed up. Recommended.

everything, Friday, 5 May 2017 17:22 (one year ago) Permalink

nine months pass...

I looked up Redd Kross because I remembered the song "Annie's Gone" and wondered if I still liked it (I did). I remembered the video being very colorful (it is) and then I watched their "what's in your bag" Amoeba video and they seem like cool decent people.

I guess I don't understand how they even exist -- this video is so weird. Are they wearing pajamas? Are they trying to be sexy?

weird woman in a bar (La Lechera), Thursday, 8 February 2018 14:38 (eight months ago) Permalink

Goofy dudes who like power pop, I think? I think there's an element there of wanting to make a ca 1990 mainstream rock video but not really having much of a feel for what that involves. I think that's part of why I like it.

No purposes. Sounds. (Sund4r), Thursday, 8 February 2018 15:59 (eight months ago) Permalink

yeah -- the way they were mugging for the camera and general physical/dance moves are really perplexing. are they trying to be nelson? pee wee's playhouse? femme? the second half of the video (like after the woman starts dancing) seems somewhat "ambitious" for the time too, so are they arty?

and then there is the song, which is super catchy and obviously memorable. i think i like them. they seemed ok in the amoeba video.

i guess it makes sense that they are perplexing. it's part of their appeal!

weird woman in a bar (La Lechera), Thursday, 8 February 2018 16:08 (eight months ago) Permalink

I think there was a strong sense of wanting to rebel against the punk / hardcore scene they emerged from and increasingly express their love for Kiss, The Beatles and The Partridge Family across their general sound/aesthetic

PaulTMA, Thursday, 8 February 2018 17:00 (eight months ago) Permalink

and now? they're not retired right? in the video they seemed like two relatively approachable long haired duders.
are they still rebelling against something from the scene they emerged from 30 years ago? i am not asking to be confrontational, just because i am curious.

this is from 2013 -- they seem pretty buoyant & energetic

weird woman in a bar (La Lechera), Thursday, 8 February 2018 17:11 (eight months ago) Permalink

are they trying to be nelson?

Revisiting 70s rock was pretty much at the heart of the whole mid-80s SST thing but Redd Kross's particular glam and power pop obsessions gave them a certain oblique aesthetic overlap with hair metal to my eyes/ears too, even though I know it wasn't their intention, not that I mind. I always mentally associated them with Poison in a weird way (although I think they're a much better band).

No purposes. Sounds. (Sund4r), Thursday, 8 February 2018 17:44 (eight months ago) Permalink

to me it seems like they are mirroring different facets of femmey behavior, but the impulse to mirror seems similar
one band's wet-n-wild makeup and hair is another band's bangs and hair flipping

weird woman in a bar (La Lechera), Thursday, 8 February 2018 18:05 (eight months ago) Permalink

and then music is, of course, catchy rock music

weird woman in a bar (La Lechera), Thursday, 8 February 2018 18:06 (eight months ago) Permalink

They are arty & kitsch & post-modern, integrated into an old fashioned, straight-forward rock'n'roll aesthetic where you put on a good show and you have big choruses and you make an effort to dress glam etc. They had a lot of fun pushing those elements into new and often amusing new directions. They're more like Sparks than Poison.

I don't believe there is an ounce of rebellion against hardcore in what they do. It's still in there and they trot out their early stuff live and rock it like crazy. And they've continue to jam with dudes from that scene. Right now Steve's in Off! with Keith Morris from Black Flag & Jeff's in the Melvins.

Check out their movies which illuminate their whole thing a bit. Desperate Teenage Lovedolls, Lovedoll Superstar and Spirit of 76 are all on youtube.

everything, Thursday, 8 February 2018 18:23 (eight months ago) Permalink

oh yeah i forgot about a part of the amoeba video -- he said he bought a record for mario rubalcaba, who is the drummer for off!

i think my confusion is tinged with more than hint of "how did they get away with that?!" -- i think the answer is "super catchy rock and roll music", which is always the answer ime :)

i'll check out a redd kross movie. why not?!

weird woman in a bar (La Lechera), Thursday, 8 February 2018 18:54 (eight months ago) Permalink

I am quite sure they enjoyed flying in the face of what constituted the more macho hardcore punk in the post- Born Innocent / Teen Babes era

PaulTMA, Thursday, 8 February 2018 19:38 (eight months ago) Permalink

They disliked the dogmatic rigidity and machismo of that scene and have affectionately mocked it throughout their career, while still retaining some of the elements of the music.

They made two parody hardcore albums as "Anarchy Six" in the late 80s:

everything, Thursday, 8 February 2018 20:06 (eight months ago) Permalink

I've never heard Redd Kross but I've got three singles by an unrelated band called Pink Kross

mfktz (Camaraderie at Arms Length), Thursday, 8 February 2018 20:14 (eight months ago) Permalink

They disliked the dogmatic rigidity and machismo of that scene and have affectionately mocked it throughout their career, while still retaining some of the elements of the music

i appreciate their nerve in addition to the hooky rock music

weird woman in a bar (La Lechera), Thursday, 8 February 2018 20:21 (eight months ago) Permalink

Pink Kross are connected to Redd Kross. Pink Kross was three Glasgwegian Redd Kross fans. They wrote to RK, who agreed to let them be the support band next time they played in Glasgow. PK hastily put together a short set of garage rock songs and opened up for them at the Cathouse in Glasgow. Then they came back onstage with RK and they did Standing in Front of Poseur together. They just kept going after that.

everything, Thursday, 8 February 2018 20:23 (eight months ago) Permalink

Live, the year Born Innocent came out. Neither looking or sounding like a hardcore band:

everything, Thursday, 8 February 2018 20:25 (eight months ago) Permalink

And if it's hooky rock music you're after, the best album is Phaseshifter.

everything, Thursday, 8 February 2018 20:39 (eight months ago) Permalink

I don't believe anyone said they were ever a hardcore band

PaulTMA, Thursday, 8 February 2018 20:51 (eight months ago) Permalink

I <3 Pink Kross and also have a few of their singles (never been able to find their album, even on mp3 - £75 on Discogs wtf?) but never knew that story. I mean I assumed the name was a reference to Redd Kross obv.

Colonel Poo, Thursday, 8 February 2018 21:35 (eight months ago) Permalink

this song is so beautiful

kurt schwitterz, Thursday, 8 February 2018 22:52 (eight months ago) Permalink

new album underway

PaulTMA, Friday, 9 February 2018 19:44 (eight months ago) Permalink

Wow, yeah, "Love Is You." Haven't heard that in so many years!

timellison, Friday, 9 February 2018 23:19 (eight months ago) Permalink

Tbf, I didn't know anything about Sparks when I first heard Redd Kross. Neurotica and Third Eye are probably my favourites (def in that order) but Steven McDonald ranks them near the bottom! I never found Phaseshifter that consistent but I love "Dumb Angel" and "Jimmy's Fantasy" is classic.

No purposes. Sounds. (Sund4r), Saturday, 10 February 2018 23:48 (eight months ago) Permalink

Third Eye will always be my fave

Algerian Goalkeeper (Odysseus), Saturday, 10 February 2018 23:50 (eight months ago) Permalink

Great b-sides and extraneous stuff from that period too. Switchblade Sister was probably their strongest single. And buried on the b-side this is one of my favourite Redd Kross songs:

everything, Sunday, 11 February 2018 01:36 (eight months ago) Permalink

Show World is the best record ever made

PaulTMA, Sunday, 11 February 2018 02:48 (eight months ago) Permalink

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