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Two Live Who?

i only own 1980's Blowfly's Party X-Rated with "Blowfly's Rap". it's pretty standard upbeat disco-ish funk. personally i think the best part of the record is the song titles:
Panty Lines
Prick Ryder
Nobody's Butt But Yours, Babe
Show Me a Man Who Don't Like to Fuck
Who Did I Eat Last Night?
Can I Come In Your Mouth

I don't think the lyrics to "Show me a man who don't want to fuck" (and i'll show you a pussy/ faggot) would fly too well with the PC Police of today.

so does the funky dirty world of blowfly make you smile or make you cry?

JasonD (JasonD), Thursday, 13 March 2003 22:03 (twenty-one years ago) link

he's so f**kin awful he makes me laugh. "shitten on the dock of the bay, watching my turds float away..."

gaz (gaz), Friday, 14 March 2003 00:20 (twenty-one years ago) link

James Blount come back and to thread!

M Matos (M Matos), Friday, 14 March 2003 00:20 (twenty-one years ago) link

Blowfly is great!!

Evan (Evan), Friday, 14 March 2003 01:59 (twenty-one years ago) link

two years pass...

From the WFMU blog:

January 22, 2006
Blowfly's Equipment, Costumes and Antennae Stolen
Somewhere in the Carolinas, Blowfly's bug mask is
being used for nefarious purposes. This just in to
Brian Turner from Blowfly world headquarters...

"Hey freaks,
our van got broken into last night in charlotte by
pros with tools who took out the driver side lock. so
if you live around there -- please keep an eye out for
this shit. and if you have this stuff, motherfucker im
putting a curse on your dick! until you return it, you
wont be able to get hard unless you're looking at
micheal jackson!

here's the notice uncle tom wrote up:

The following items were stolen from Blowfly's Van
while parked outside of the La Quinta Inn at 3100
Queen City blvd in Charlotte NC between 2:30 AM and 1
PM Saturday, January 21st. If you have any information
regarding these items, please contact Tom Bowker at
tom at blowflymusic dot com. If in Charlotte you can
return the items with no questions asked to The
Milestone club at 3400 tuckasegee rd.28208 The phone
number at the milestone is: 704 398 0472. They also
may be reached at neal at solidgoldempire dot com

Thank you for any and all help,
Tom Bowker, Blowfly Music

1 Galien Kruger 1001 RB Bass Head SN .. E06104440

1 Fender Telecaster w/ Sunburst Finish. Has "I Kill
Hippies" sticker on the back of the body

1 black soft carry on bag containing 1 copper "BF"
Blowfly Mask, 1 uncle sam hat, 1 rubber george w bush
mask, 1 rubber devil mask, 1 Blowfly bug mask w/
antennae and assorted wigs and costumes.

1 Fender Stratocaster w/ unfinished wood

1 SX Custom 4 string bass guitar

1 Black Plastic Cymbal case containing:

1 Zildjain 20 inch Earth Ride

1 Paiste 302 17 inch crash

1 Paiste 3000 series 20 inch ride

1 Zildjain 16 inch rock crash

1 set of Sabian "Flat Hat" Hi Hats

1 backpack containing wal mart portable cd player, a
cd with a pro tools session and a lyric book."

howell huser (chaki), Tuesday, 24 January 2006 22:42 (eighteen years ago) link

Poor Blowfly. "Motherfucker, I'm putting a curse on your dick!" should be a new catch phrase.

Blowfly is totally awesome classic, of course. Best Blowfly song title: "The First Time Ever You Sucked My Dick"

Mr. Snrub (Mr. Snrub), Wednesday, 25 January 2006 02:44 (eighteen years ago) link

it'sawesome that jaxon started dis thread.

Special Agent Gene Krupa (orion), Wednesday, 25 January 2006 02:48 (eighteen years ago) link

o man this suxxx

j blount (papa la bas), Wednesday, 25 January 2006 02:51 (eighteen years ago) link

two weeks back I tried to buy this CD of Henry Stone-owned old blues stuff, but it was a mis-press with Blowfly's Oldies But Goodies on it instead! I gotta confess it was kinda hokey. I mean, I have some earlier TK Blowfly 12"s that are pretty cool, but this was .. wearing after the first few cuts. but clearly where 2 Live Crew got the idea to do "Do Wah Diddy" and so forth.

Stormy Davis (diamond), Wednesday, 25 January 2006 03:11 (eighteen years ago) link

the "Henry Stone Music" label is so beautifully low-budg tho

Stormy Davis (diamond), Wednesday, 25 January 2006 03:12 (eighteen years ago) link

hey heads -- uncle tom from blowfly here.

thanks for reposting this -- and we do have a new album out on alternative tentacle - fahrenheit 69 -- along with two new records comingout in 2006. so come by and buy some merch so we can buy new stuff!

uncle tom, Wednesday, 25 January 2006 15:06 (eighteen years ago) link

I love that the drummer from Blowfly's band is a white dude in a USA top hat named Uncle Tom.

Whiney G. Weingarten (whineyg), Wednesday, 25 January 2006 15:14 (eighteen years ago) link

"the "electronic Pussysucker" is my fave…

veronica moser (veronica moser), Wednesday, 25 January 2006 15:18 (eighteen years ago) link

Blowfly did an instore at my record shoppe on the last tour. He has the biggest middle finger ever and he was not afraid to use it. And he signed autographs to people "with little dicks," and sometim4es even made a drawing to portray this. It was fun as hell.

Brian O'Neill (NYCNative), Wednesday, 25 January 2006 15:25 (eighteen years ago) link

He's a national treasure.

Whiney G. Weingarten (whineyg), Wednesday, 25 January 2006 15:34 (eighteen years ago) link

notable blowfly facts:
1)he wrote Betty Wright's "Clean up woman"
2)was recently workin on some shit with Devin the dude

reacher, Wednesday, 25 January 2006 17:51 (eighteen years ago) link

"the "electronic Pussysucker" is my fave…

Those electro Blowfly tracks were commisioned by Bo Crane (of Pandisc Records fame) in 1984. Basically, the story goes (as I've pieced it together)...

Aside from running a major record pool and being the DJ for Miami's verion of Studio 54 (Honey for the Bears), Bo Crane was a TK employee. He quit in 1980, a year before TK folded.

When TK did fold, he knew he couldn't grab TK's current creative force (KC of the Sunshine Band) as he had just landed a major deal, so he grabbed TK's prior writer/producer, Clarence Reid to be Bo's creative source for his new label (Palm Tree/Red Rooster/Pandisc).

However, Clarence was in full Blowfly mode at this point, so Bo hired guns (Larry Dermer, Joe Glado, etc) to make tracks that ripoff Cybotron's Clear, Quadrant Six's Body Mechanic, and such. He gave these to Blowfly and had him write songs around.

I think Blowfly and company see these tracks as a blemish in his catalog (Tom?), but they've certainly begun a life of their own, becoming cult classics among the electro circuit.

Since Bo owned the tracks themselves, he gave them to Maggotron to rework into new songs:

"Electronic Pussy Sucker" became Palmerforce Two's "Street Wars" in 84
"Fuck the Devil" became Maggotron's "Bass that Ate Miami" in 88

Both of these were spearheaded by DXJ, the core guy behind Maggotron, and appeared on the Bass that Ate Miami compilation...a scattershot project milking Pandisc's catalog between 84 and 88.

I'd like to extend a deep hearted thanks to Tom and Max Bass for setting me up with a dinner with Blowfly a year or so back. It wasn't quite the interviewed I had hoped for, but it was the interview I expected!

PappaWheelie B.C., Wednesday, 25 January 2006 18:01 (eighteen years ago) link

1)he wrote Betty Wright's "Clean up woman"

He basically discovered and fostered Betty Wright.

PappaWheelie B.C., Wednesday, 25 January 2006 18:01 (eighteen years ago) link


It's not so much that we consider those two tracks as a blemish -- but Bo Crane stealing clarence's money. Which he did for 20 years.

And to the first post in this thread. "Standard Disco Funk" my ass! First off, Clarence invented the "Miami Sound" which begat "disco funk"

secondly, you failed to mention "Blowfly's Rapp" aka Rap Dirty which is the first rap song ever, and got re-recorded for that lp. That song was still leaps and bounds stylistically and artistically beyond anything else that had rap on it back then - 15 years after he first recorded it.

Thirdly "Nobody's Butt But Yours" Is a remake of clarence's big 1969 hit "Nobody But You Babe" - and isnt "disco" one bit.

uncle tom, Thursday, 26 January 2006 08:28 (eighteen years ago) link

secondly, you failed to mention "Blowfly's Rapp" aka Rap Dirty which is the first rap song ever, and got re-recorded for that lp. That song was still leaps and bounds stylistically and artistically beyond anything else that had rap on it back then - 15 years after he first recorded it.

Whoa! When did he first record it? And what's with the two song titles for the same song?

Mr. Snrub (Mr. Snrub), Thursday, 26 January 2006 15:55 (eighteen years ago) link

Blowfly's Rapp was first recorded in 1965 as a self press. It came out again as a self press in 1971 under "Reid Records."

After Rappers delight came out in 1979, Henry Stone put the song out three times in 2 years as a TK 12 inch (rapp Dirty is the clean side, blowfly's rapp is the dirty side), on the Weird world release "Blowfly's Party" as blowfly's rapp and blowfly's theme and the weird world release Butterfly as Rap dirty.

Uncle Tom, Saturday, 28 January 2006 07:36 (eighteen years ago) link

I gotta say I love all this info here. Secret histories, myths cleared up!

Ned Raggett (Ned), Saturday, 28 January 2006 21:26 (eighteen years ago) link

Blowfly's Rapp was first recorded in 1965 as a self press. It came out again as a self press in 1971 under "Reid Records."

I would play like $3,000 to hear this.

Mr. Snrub (Mr. Snrub), Saturday, 28 January 2006 21:30 (eighteen years ago) link

get in line dude. those things are so fucking rare ive only seen a picture of one.

Uncle Tom (Uncle Tom), Sunday, 29 January 2006 06:35 (eighteen years ago) link

tangentially related:

strophic (strophic), Sunday, 29 January 2006 14:41 (eighteen years ago) link

Clarence wrote 11 of those numero group songs, if not all of them. not that you could tell from the publishing company listed.

Uncle Tom (Uncle Tom), Sunday, 29 January 2006 16:37 (eighteen years ago) link

i've got the blowfly's party lp on weird world with the original version of the "rapp" and it is a total classic. the later rerecorded version doesn't hold a candle. if i still had a turntable i'd rip it. i used to have "blowfly on tour" too. the cover art for that... heheheh

|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l|l| (eman), Wednesday, 1 February 2006 04:58 (eighteen years ago) link

I heard he recently did a collaboration with Gravytrain.

Bobby Peru (Bobby Peru), Wednesday, 1 February 2006 16:26 (eighteen years ago) link

we have blowfly on tour on cd and vinyl onsale on our website.

and last year;s Fahrenheit 69 Cd did indeed have Gravy Train!!!! on the hilarious "When Darkness Falls" tune.

And if anyone here knows those freaks, tell them they are fucking slack for not going to any of our FOUR BAY AREA GIGS LAST YEAR

Uncle Tom (Uncle Tom), Thursday, 2 February 2006 06:30 (eighteen years ago) link

we also sell blowfly's party on cd earwig. buy one

Uncle Tom (Uncle Tom), Thursday, 2 February 2006 06:37 (eighteen years ago) link

eleven months pass...
if any of you happen to be in france, australia or the LBC next month:

Blowfly is spreading the weirdness!

Feb 1 - La Trocardière, Nantes
Feb 2 - La Bellevilloise , Paris
Feb 3 - La Friche, Marseille

Long Beach, California
Feb 15 - alex's bar

Feb 22: Jive, adeliade
Feb 23: Karaova Lounge, ballarat
Feb 24: East Brunswick Club, Melbourne
Feb 25: Northcote social Club, Melbourne
Feb 26: Ruby's Lounge, Belgrave
March 1: Lucky Country hotel, Newcastle
March 2nd: The Marquee, Sydney
March 3: Troubador: Brisbane
March 4th: Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast

Uncle Tom (Uncle Tom), Wednesday, 10 January 2007 22:30 (seventeen years ago) link

Amoeba was flooded with Blowfly vinyl reissues last time I was there. kinda weird to see.

Shakey Mo Collier (Shakey Mo Collier), Wednesday, 10 January 2007 22:33 (seventeen years ago) link

If you don't already know, Numero did a project on Deep City Records, one of the earliest ventures that featured Clarence Reid. It was while with Deep City that Betty Wright was discovered. Deep City essentially moved operations (according to Tom) to Alston Records, which became TK about 5 or 6 years later.

PappaWheelie MMCMXL (PappaWheelie 2), Wednesday, 10 January 2007 23:20 (seventeen years ago) link

I can't believe someone thinks yr going to sell the Marquee

(good luck though obv)

syd-mongrel (kit brash), Thursday, 11 January 2007 04:41 (seventeen years ago) link

Did they ever find out who stole Blowfly's gear? That was sad.

Mr. Snrub (Mr. Snrub), Thursday, 11 January 2007 04:52 (seventeen years ago) link

When I asked, he said it was "the maggots from britney spears pussy you motherfuckers because I'm the baddest son of a bitch on this side of the missisip and all ya'll want my dick faggots and bitches alike hehehahahahahahahahahahahaha". Not sure if he was serious or not.

PappaWheelie MMCMXL (PappaWheelie 2), Thursday, 11 January 2007 04:57 (seventeen years ago) link

numero group = well meaning "preservationists" < double talking shysters.

Uncle Tom (Uncle Tom), Thursday, 11 January 2007 07:01 (seventeen years ago) link

We never recovered the gear, but then the theives have the blowfly curse on them - so they are running around with headless prick stumps.

Uncle Tom (Uncle Tom), Thursday, 11 January 2007 07:18 (seventeen years ago) link

He does a certain Dead Kennedys cover on that one Alternative Tentacles record called 'R. Kelly in Cambodia'.

paizuri-san (davidcorp), Thursday, 11 January 2007 09:51 (seventeen years ago) link

that's actually the second alternative tentacles record we did, punk rock party. on the previous one, fahrenheit 69 - r. kelly's i believe i can fly, got turned into "i believe my dick can fly"

Uncle Tom (Uncle Tom), Thursday, 11 January 2007 14:48 (seventeen years ago) link

Tom, can you tell us (me?) some details on the Delmiros?

PappaWheelie MMCMXL (PappaWheelie 2), Thursday, 11 January 2007 17:56 (seventeen years ago) link

the delmiras were a vocal group that clarence formed in the early 60s. When it came time to record their first single, clarence didn't feel confident enough to sing lead, so he recruited paul kelly, who sang the first single, but didn't get along with clarence (who can erupt) so clarence did a few more singles with the delmiras before disbanding them and going solo. there's a really funny paul kelly interview on the net where he describes clarence trying to pick a fight with him in 1965 in nashville.

Uncle Tom (Uncle Tom), Thursday, 11 January 2007 18:21 (seventeen years ago) link

I did read that Paul Kelley interview. Was that Clarence's first professional role?

I'm also very very curious as to how different Rapp Dirty was from its 1965 version to the 1980.

PappaWheelie MMCMXL (PappaWheelie 2), Thursday, 11 January 2007 18:43 (seventeen years ago) link

by the time they were in nashville, the delmiras had a few singles out.
apparently there was a german BF single of " odd balls" that's concurrant.
join the club joe. the 79 version was actually recorded in 71 according to the man.

Uncle Tom (Uncle Tom), Thursday, 11 January 2007 22:36 (seventeen years ago) link

one year passes...

haha this thread is awesome!

El Tomboto, Thursday, 21 August 2008 00:08 (fifteen years ago) link

Except for the part where punks stole some shit. Blowfly #1 though.

El Tomboto, Thursday, 21 August 2008 00:08 (fifteen years ago) link

yeah the pappa and uncle tom stuff upthread is fascinating!

M@tt He1ges0n, Thursday, 21 August 2008 00:19 (fifteen years ago) link

I love that this is like, Tom's ILX thread

PappaWheelie V, Thursday, 21 August 2008 02:48 (fifteen years ago) link

what should Blowfly's next album be?

Whiney G. Weingarten, Thursday, 21 August 2008 03:52 (fifteen years ago) link

Jimmy Eat Pussy: Blowfly Goes Emo
featuring "Sugar I'm Goin' Down"

Whiney G. Weingarten, Thursday, 21 August 2008 03:55 (fifteen years ago) link

one year passes...

Dear New Yorkers, here's a special freakshow just for you:

Sat November 21 @ Knitting Factory in Brooklyn
Anal Cunt

UncleTomfly, Tuesday, 29 September 2009 19:31 (fourteen years ago) link

six years pass...

awwww fuck

Οὖτις, Wednesday, 13 January 2016 00:04 (eight years ago) link

sadly he died today

Cosmic Slop, Sunday, 17 January 2016 23:55 (eight years ago) link

Awful news. RIP.

Mr. Snrub, Monday, 18 January 2016 00:44 (eight years ago) link

According to Bowker, Blowfly will release a final album, intended as a gift to his fans, titled ’77 Rusty Trombones’ in February.

Mr. Snrub, Monday, 18 January 2016 00:56 (eight years ago) link


AdamVania (Adam Bruneau), Monday, 18 January 2016 00:59 (eight years ago) link

I found Zodiac Blowfly in a thrift store about 20 years ago and loved it. In theory, I shouldn't like the misogynistic & homophobic lyrics of Blowfly. In reality, they seemed too over-the-top to be taken seriously. If anything, Blowfly always seemed to celebrate the "freak" in everyone and I will miss the funky motherfucker.

His alternate career as Clarence Reid is also fascinating.

lingereffect (Kent Burt), Monday, 18 January 2016 02:39 (eight years ago) link


curmudgeon, Monday, 18 January 2016 04:15 (eight years ago) link

i had a chance to open a show for him about 10 years ago. it was at a dive bar and all the bands hung out and got lit before/after the show. we were all early 20s, and i didn't realize it but i guess at the time he was in his 60s. what a tough dude. he was really sweet to me and my friends and ended up putting on a hilarious, amazing show.

AdamVania (Adam Bruneau), Monday, 18 January 2016 04:26 (eight years ago) link

really sad I couldn't see him play one last time

♫ as we get older and stop making threads ♫ (Whiney G. Weingarten), Monday, 18 January 2016 05:35 (eight years ago) link

blowfly was such a unique, gifted, pioneering artist and he will never get a fraction of the due he deserves, rest in peace

♫ as we get older and stop making threads ♫ (Whiney G. Weingarten), Monday, 18 January 2016 05:37 (eight years ago) link

am0n, Tuesday, 19 January 2016 20:26 (eight years ago) link

Herr Whiney's version is better than mine, but…here 'tis…

It's weird trying to write a sober, NPR-ish piece about BF…I have to talk about "incredible Fulk," where, due to an experiment, his dick becomes enormous every time a bitch call him a bastard, going on to "rip her pussy to bits" and then to ascend into outer space, like a tweedy NYT obit person. Same for "electronic pussysucker" : "I even fucked R2D2 from Star wars." Whereas Whiney can talk about him the way he talked about every damn thing. Whiney also got to talk about how innuhnet outrage addicts would lose their minds over his shit… i had something in there like that, but maybe NPR isn't the best place to make that point and it was excised. It turns out you have a lot of freedom at RS, so long as Jann Wenner doesn't care or has never heard of who yr talking about…

2 things that didn't make it into my contribution to the exploding "old music dudes are dying at a rate commensurate to the general publication alluvasudden…"

I coldcalled the successor label to TK Records in 1997, and not only spoke to Henry Stone but to Clarence Reid, who happened to be there. he told me he was going to record "when Doves Cum" cf Prince.

and when I met him when he was playing with the funk-rock supergroup with Norwood Fisher and some other guys at Wetlands in NYC a few weeks later, he told me that he knew that Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall had stayed in the same hotel room when shooting coming to america (as if the biggest comic actor in 80s america would share a hotel room with anyone other than a chick). Reid claimed that the maid noticed that when she came to clean the room, only one bed was made, which meant to CR that they were "butt buddies." He was insanely and very funnily angered by black guys who were more famous than he, vis-a-vis talking shit about MJ, kells and Prince.

veronica moser, Tuesday, 19 January 2016 23:48 (eight years ago) link

Blowfly came on my radio show and we did an impromptu jam

kurt schwitterz, Tuesday, 19 January 2016 23:49 (eight years ago) link


veronica moser, Wednesday, 20 January 2016 00:19 (eight years ago) link

nod to whiney and rob here, both solid remembrances

from the perspective of a gay man, i will post them now (forksclovetofu), Thursday, 21 January 2016 03:58 (eight years ago) link

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