Best Venetian Snares album?

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David Steans, Saturday, 1 November 2003 23:38 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

The one where you don't have to listen to it.

Xii (Xii), Sunday, 2 November 2003 00:08 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

The most nails-on-blackboard, taste-defying performance i've ever seen by an artist was Venetian Snares at All Tomoorows Parties. God forbid what their records sound like

smudger (smudger), Sunday, 2 November 2003 01:37 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

my favorite intact album is 'doll doll doll'. by a long shot. it carries through, coherently getting stronger as it goes. I think it's a major album by any standard.

I've heard these: 'making orange things', 'songs about my cats', 'higgins', '2370894', 'alien force', 'find candace', 'nymphomatriarch', 'chocolate wheelchair'.

(Jon L), Sunday, 2 November 2003 01:45 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

(cough) well maybe not any standard. that would be a lot of standards, really. but it was my one of my favorite new electronic albums that year, and I'm still listening to it.

(Jon L), Sunday, 2 November 2003 01:53 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

Xii totally and completely OTM.

JS Williams (js williams), Sunday, 2 November 2003 06:19 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

The Badminton 7" is the only release of his I can listen to from beginning to end. Ahem.

The Album with the most songs that I like on it is probably that "Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits 1972-2006-2002" thing. I love his spastic jazz/max tundra sounding stuff.

TomB (TomB), Sunday, 2 November 2003 13:30 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

I'll second Doll Doll Doll and throw in Find Candace. People fucking with time signatures, especially in electronic music, is a serious pet peeve of mine but somehow with Venetian Snares it works and I can't stop listening to either disc.

Joshua Davis (josh_anomaly), Sunday, 2 November 2003 20:51 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

"The most nails-on-blackboard, taste-defying performance i've ever seen by an artist was Venetian Snares at All Tomoorows Parties. God forbid what their records sound like"

Pretty much like that, FWIW. You big nancy.

Oh and the answer's 'Higgins' although this doesn't take into account the, currently unheard, new one which includes a version of the theme from Coronation Street.

DJ Mencap (DJ Mencap), Monday, 3 November 2003 11:12 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

I'm particular to the VS & Speechranch "Making Orange Things".

PeterALopez, Monday, 3 November 2003 13:35 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

the new album, 'chocolate wheelchair', is very close to 'higgins', a daffy party album. the beats stay strict tempo enabling 'dancing', and it's built from samples of happy hardcore and kids tv & movie themes instead of people talking about murdering children.

I can relate to Josh's comment about electronic music that plays with time signatures. Software has made it very easy to experiment with tempo, and so a lot of people are suddenly experimenting. No surprise that very few people have ears for good results, it's underexplored territory. Hard to leave the pleasures of strict tempo behind and find something actually compelling. It was just as much of a struggle with orchestral music and free jazz.

Snares owes a huge debt to music like Squarepusher, who I like but never really listened to much. Squarepusher's music has a lot of rhythmic density, but it's all completely on the grid; sure the rhythm's been intricately composed down to the 64th note but you can tap your foot throughout, I get bored. On 'doll doll doll' the rhythm breaks the grid, it hops with precision through signatures in unprecedented, humanly unperformable ways, it is mad. My ears blink, I'm on the edge of my seat, it leaves behind questions of craft, it's pure music.

His sample set borrows heavily from traditional darkcore dnb, and sometimes the horror movie samples make me feel like I'm too old to be listening to this music, but the rhythmic invention on his best stuff keeps me listening...

, Monday, 3 November 2003 20:17 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

i listen to "making things orange" for pure pain/pleasure.


todd swiss (eliti), Monday, 3 November 2003 20:29 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

i like the cover of the misfits "she"

hector (hector), Monday, 3 November 2003 23:17 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

i'm going to say "shiver in eternal darkness" because no one else has.

your null fame (yournullfame), Tuesday, 4 November 2003 01:12 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

90% of my love comes from the first two tracks on Higgins.

Lukas (lukas), Tuesday, 4 November 2003 23:02 (fifteen years ago) Permalink

six months pass...
His new album Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding is a fucking masterpiece. Dark, eerie, beautiful synthscapes covered with great 8-bit glitch rhythms... definitely worth picking up.

Andrew (enneff), Saturday, 22 May 2004 01:08 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

thirteen years pass...

if ya like edwar scissorhands this one has a grand sample

kolakube (Ross), Sunday, 31 December 2017 01:17 (eleven months ago) Permalink

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