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please send me sample paper of class x during the year of 2006-07 for the following subject
1 math
2 science
3 sst
4 english
5 hindi

Pratul Gautam, Thursday, 16 November 2006 07:09 (twelve years ago) Permalink

mis you 12th class ka Sample paper nad tan year ka paper pased matirals.

lekh Raj Saini, Thursday, 16 November 2006 07:35 (twelve years ago) Permalink

plz send cbse papers of last 5 years and also this year current guss papers

shikha mantri, Thursday, 16 November 2006 14:02 (twelve years ago) Permalink

eight years pass...

what's sst?

just astor (alomar lines), Saturday, 12 September 2015 09:01 (three years ago) Permalink

just astor (alomar lines), Saturday, 12 September 2015 09:03 (three years ago) Permalink

(शिक्षा म‌ंत्री)

just astor (alomar lines), Saturday, 12 September 2015 09:04 (three years ago) Permalink

cud u pls guide me hw to break d physics phobia??
n hw to learn organic??


drash, Saturday, 12 September 2015 11:54 (three years ago) Permalink



drash, Saturday, 12 September 2015 11:54 (three years ago) Permalink

plz send me previous ten years paper of all subjects plsssssssssss

—priya sharma

drash, Saturday, 12 September 2015 11:55 (three years ago) Permalink

plzzz i needing math sample paper...(12th)
so plz send me this one plzzzz


drash, Saturday, 12 September 2015 11:56 (three years ago) Permalink

my exam are comming shortly so pls send me physics and chemistry SAMPLE OR PREVIOUS YEAR  que papers quikly of class 12th uttarakhand board.


drash, Saturday, 12 September 2015 11:56 (three years ago) Permalink

plssssssss sent me latest sample papers of commerce sectoin 
plsssssss sent papers as soon as possible

—Sunny Jain

drash, Saturday, 12 September 2015 11:57 (three years ago) Permalink

Hi.I need some english 8 grade sample papers.Please,I request you to send a few sample papers.


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plz send me the modal paper of english for 2nd year


drash, Saturday, 12 September 2015 11:58 (three years ago) Permalink

plz as soon as possible


drash, Saturday, 12 September 2015 11:58 (three years ago) Permalink

i really need this


drash, Saturday, 12 September 2015 11:59 (three years ago) Permalink

plze i need some important questions and answers urgent


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(शिक्षा म‌ंत्री)

smutty irani

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Smutty Irani nl 7.00 a. in.; 0.0(1 p. m. Train leave Carhoniltlc (or point north at 11.10 a. in. On Sunday at 0.10 n. m. lialti IraMii? at 11.10 a. ni. week tin and U. 10 a. in. Hundiy inako connciticiH tor New Voik, Corn- "" p,c" . r n Tnln arrive from Scranton nt 11.10 a. in.! " p in.: from points nottli, I no p. in. Sunday.. fifin S'cr.mton at 0 10 a. m. and 7.4 j !' '"! fioni Cudol.i at 0.00 p. in. . ... . "Erie Rnlhoad. June 23. HOI. Train lc.ti tlir Matloi-, C.iilu.iidal dally fi'rriit Miiulit) .il 7.00 u. in. niM I.8.! p. m- 'or Ili.indt and Xli-eie'i; at !'..",.! .. in., dally (ex-lepliiur Sun-lie), fni lling'i.imtnn. making mil-jrc-ilon f'jr Now Yoilc illy and lliiftalo, and nt H.10 p. in. lor Susi-ucliaiiiiJ, making conncctloni foi ncstrrn points. sumhy train at 0.1) a. in. fr 3-.iruiciunna, nlili western ronnicttin, and 0 .'7 p. in, with, bii'ie cftiuietllon-'. Tnln arrltc nt 8.13 a. ni. an I 3 1". p. in. fcundjja at S.U a. m. FUNERALS OP A DM. Obsequies of the Late Miss Mary Carden and Mrs. Sabina Kearney. 'I'wo low? funeral processions passed llnougli the city yesterday, Miss Mary Cnrden and Mis. Sabinn, Kearney bo-iris laid at rest In St. Koso cemetery. The obsequies of the late Miss Mary Carden toolc place In the afternoon lrom the hon'io of her mother on the "West Side. Here there was a big as-ivmblage of friends of the depaited one, who made up a huge procession that moved to St. Rose chuioh, whoie the absolution was pronounced. Uarllor jn the day, at 7.30 in the morning, there was a mass of requiem offeied for the peace of the soul of Miss Cnrden. At this service, there were also numerous friends who cherished a. grateful le-inembrance of the deceased.

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A train of cars coming up the hill at Farvlew, on the return trin from Honesdale, ran into a snow drift, the obstruction throwing tour cats oft the rails. The consequenco was a delay of several hours to trains each way. The first train duo in Cirbondale, nbout 0 o'clock in tho morning, was several hours Into; the first train out of here, at 7.2.?, was even later In reaching Honesdale. The other wreck occurred tho nleht before: a derailment of several cars near Panther's bluff was the result. Traffic on this occasion was nlso delayed for four or flvo hoius, the last train in, in the evening, renchlng here nbout 11 o'clock.

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Opera Company Coining. Manager Byrne has arranged for a week of opera, commencing Monday Qvening, February 17. Tho Columbia company Is the name of the organisation. The company will bo welcomed, as Cnrbondalo has had no opera tills year. "Our Now Minister" Again. Manager Byrne has been successful ,in arranging a return duto with tho "Our -New Minister" company, and on Monday night next this meritorious play will be nt the Orand, This will be good news, for theio uro many who missed this play on Its first preuenta- ALL ALIKE. Doctors Agree on Food, All physlcluns ngreo thut good fuod, properly selected, la of the utmost importance, not only for the cure of disease but to maintain health even when ono-lu well, Or,, William Hale, of 14 Pleasant .streef, Gloucester, Mass,, says: "I fount H a pleasure to say n good vord for Postum Food Coffee with which I have been enabled to rellovo so many sufferers, nnd which I count, with its valued co-npunlon, Qrnpo Nuts, one of the dally blessings, "gq'Teo was banished from my own table somo tlrno ago nnd Postum used regularly In Its place. 'I frequently find It necessary to In-struct patients when they tnko Pos. turn Coffee for the first time to be quite sure' that It has been boiled long enough to bring out the clear, black color and the rich taste, u9 well as the health giving qualities," The doctor enclosed tho names of six patients who were formerly nervous dyspeptics but haye been cured by his professional cure un,d the discontinuance of coffee nnd the using of I'pstum Food Cof?ee in Its place. tlon and regretted tho fact that tlicy did not take ttdVaiitngo of tho opportunity of seeing such n renlly good play. The pleca win be most highly recommended nn one of tho best uas-toral ntnyo that has ever been scon here. No better play, It can bo assumed, hns been here this season.

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PLENTY OF LiaHT. An Appreciable Increase in tho City's Illuminations. If tho ordinance, which passed first reading nt Monday night's mooting of select council, goes through both branches of council, there will ,bo an appreciable increase in the Illumination of tho city's streets. The moVe Is n good one nnd Is worthy of commendation. An abundance of light, it is worth remembering, Is a. big factor In removing the dnngor of crime and other evils, while at tho same time u well lighted city speaks eloquently for any community, The lights which will bo of U2 candle power, and nineteen In number, are provided for aB lollows: Fnllbrook sttect, near Anthony Duffy's; Fiillbrool: street, near Casslo Mc-Hale's store: Fnllbiook street, near Patrick I.angan'fl! Dundaff street, In front of Riclinrd Nolan's property; corner of Brook avenue and Terrace street: intersection of Summit avenue and Thorne street; Richmond street, in front of Owen fowls' property; lnler-ectlon of Gravity and Jeffciles streets; intersection of Gilbert street and Summit avenue; intersection of Oak avenue and Blrkett stveot; Willow street, at Ontario and Western crossing; corner of Ninth avenue and Main street; South Church street, at corner of Giles' pioperty: Woodhtwn avenue nnd Carden street: Pike, street, In ftont of Thomas Judge's property; Scott street, near Anthony Horan's property; Scott street, near James Crane's property; South Hospital street, near John Collins" property; Belmont street .and Reynolds .-venue.

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DEATH OF PETEE M'CAB.THY. A Mayfield Resident, Who Was Well-Known Here. Passes Away. This community, as well as Mayfield, suffers the loss of a good citizen in the death of Peter McCarthy, ' who succumbed at his home, In that boiough, Monday night. "Pete," as his friends knew him by, was of a genial, good nature and made friends with all whom lie met. He not only made friends In legion, but kept them. For eleven yeais ho conducted a. barber shop in Mayfield, surrounding himself with a paying patronage. During his residence theio he was called upon to fill buveral offices of trust, and in all Instances proved worthy of tho trust reposed in him. To his religious, home and business obligations he was faithful after the manner of tho Christian lie was. The deceased wu& a member of the Sacred Heart church in Jermyn, and was conspicuous among its zealous workers. He was well-known in this city, and ' wide circle of '.friends, Who held him in affectionate regard, will deplore his nomewhat sudden demise. He was also an active member of the William Walker Hose company. The funeral will be held on Tluu sd.iy morning, leaving tho late home of tho deceased, on Poplar street, at '.) o'clock.

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LE ROY RICHARDS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cnsper Richards, former Carbon-dallans, died on Monday in Los Angeles, Cal when- the Richards family now Uvea. The deceased was a youth, IS years of ago, and was born In Carbondale. Ho was a young man of promise, and IiIb early garnering will bo a sore nf-llictlon to his patents. A blood clot on tho brnln, fiom which lie suffered for many months, was tho enuws of death.

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"nello" Girls on a Sleighride. The operator'! of Uii Carbondale Telephone exchange had ti delightful time on a sleighride Into the country to. wards Crystal lake. Tho evening's pleasures were due to the warm-hearted hospitality of Oeotge Russell. After tho j (do tha young ladles spent a pleas-ar.t hour ut tho Russell home. In the party woro Misses Kllj-aboth Moyles, I Teresa Tlghc, Nottle Burdlck and Lcttlsc Phillip-. . Happenings in Society Glides. There wore two Important social functions last evening. Mrs. W A. Mnnvllle was hostess to tho members of the Now Cehlury club, nt her homo on North Main street, nnd Mrs. C. W. Perkins had ns her guests nt her home, on Terrace street, tho Fortnightly club, Mrs. C. Rollln Mnnvllle will enter-tnln at cards at her home, on North Main Btrcot, on Friday afternoon. The Ladles' Homo Missionary society will bo entertained between a and (1 o'clock this afternoon at tho homo of Mrs. Harry Brlggs, on Darto nvenuo. Unclaimed Letters. List of letters remaining In the Car-bondule, Pn postolllce, Feb. C, 1D02, for persons unknown: G, W. Hankln-son, Will Hlgglns, N. A, Hughes, It. Jay Kitchen, Jos. McDonald, -Alexander McDonald, L. G. Marccy, Jay Nagle, C. W. Price, F. M. Thompson, Dyer Supply Co., Mrs. R. H, Rlvonburg, Miss Leona Morgan, Miss Naomle Tlndale.

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Wreck Delays Trains. A -tweck of coal trains which oc-euricd on tho Honesdale branch of tho Delaware and Hudson on Monday night interferred yesterday with the move-men' of passenger trains. The first train from the Chestnut borough, duo Hero nbout 9 o'clock, was two hours or more late. Later In the day the road was cleared and the' schedule was mnln-"talnotl. The Frankle Company Tomorrow. The Frankle company, which had a successful week hero last week, will return to the Grand tomorrow night. No better repertolie company bus been hero this season, and It deserves oven a better patronage than was enjoyed last week, good as it was. Miss Nina Gennell is easily tho most engaging soubrette that has ever appeared with a repertoire company in Carbondale. To Be Violin Accompanist. Miss Mi-rh: Graham, of South Clui oh street. .. ill act, hereafter, as violin accompanist at the late mass in St. Roj. church. Miss Graham, who is an accomplished vIollni3te, officiated very crrdllnbly for the first time last Sunday, her playing adding appreciably to tho rlfcct of tho sacred music. ( Gave a Euchre. Mrs. George J. Benton gave a euchre P'uty to n number of her friends, at her pleasant home on Washington street Monday cvmlng. Keen Interest was manifested in the contest, and when tho play was over refreshments were "ervod, bringing a delightful evening to a close. Meetings of Tonight. Carbondale lodge, Free and Accepted Masons. " Rev. Father Carew branch, Catholic Knights. Pioneer castle. Knights Mystic Chain. Carbondale lodge. Knights of Pythias. Ladles' auxiliary, Raliroa 1 Fnglncers U i r i noon).

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THE PASSING THRONG. J. IT. Cross loft last night on a business trip through Ohio. Jlrs. Thomas Nealon was a visitor in Mayfield yesterday. Edward Bartloy, of Waymait, paid a visit to Carbondale yesterday. Miss Mamo Manloy, of Dunmore, was a visitor In this city yesterday. P. J. Shaughnessy, of Susquehanna, was a Carbondale visitor, yesterday. Miss Mary Gilboy, of New York city. Is tho guest of her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Patrick Gilboy, on Scott street. John Propokovitch, of Forest City, a prominent citizen of that thriving place, was at tho Harrison house yesterday. Miss Elizabeth Merrick returned to her home in New Yoilc city yesterday, after a few weeks' visit with friends In this city. Miss Mary Gilllgan, returned to Now York city today, after spending somo time with her mother, Mrs. Katherine Gilllgan, on South Church street. Miss Glass has returned to her homo In Portland, Me., after nn extended visit with Mr. and Mis. George S. Kimball, at their homo on Spring street. Mrs. Thomas Cummlngs returned to Archbald yesterday, after a visit of several days at the homo of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Nealon.

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Oh pliant ycteiday announiliu the dratli of iUs. 'iliomas I'. Jonc, vilio formerly x-slcJcd in this town. Jit. .Jonea-u.ii will hnonn here, as licr husband yai tho proprietor of the house, on Jlaln !trcet. At the him meetiiiir of ihc hoard of uirrctoii of tho 1'orut lliiino Ucinctci. noeiatlon, ti he held en Veli. 11, tha lecrsanUatlon of the hoaul will be cfTccUd. A piuldcnt, yce prciident, see nnd nMon will lu; fleeted. Mis. John II. lli'e.o u convaleatliiif fiom her recent lllium. the membei nt tho Century llote company, u. .', aio putting foith cyerj- cttort to nule their lomlin; entertainment and ball u fraud sue-tcrtf, THE ESQUIMO The Iihcjuimo cats blubber. The lumbermen eat pork. These people are constantly exposed to cold and physical strain, Experience has taught them that fatty foods give warmth and nourishment, For those who have cold and thin bodies, or are threatened with consumption or any wasting disease, there is no fat in so digestible and palatable a form as Scott's Emulsion. Physicians prescribe it, We'll f n4 jpu a Utile to try. It yoa 1 Vs. jeqi'f BOtt'NE, ,9 1'tail UH. XtwYoik.

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OF It Is Thirty Points Highor Than It Was on Jan. 2 George T. Slndo Has Boon Mndo General Superintendent of tho Erie Railroad Ins. Corbott Appointed Superintendent of tko Susquoliannn Division of tho Erie The Board for Today. "A sensational advance of 14 per cent. In the price of Delaware, Lackawanna and Western railroad stock, on transactions aggregating only 2,000 shares, set Wall street guessing yesterday regarding the accuracy of two or three ru-mois Umt have dono periodical service In the past few months," says yesterday's Now York Sun. "W. K. Vander-bllt nnd George J, Gould have each been credited with a desire to ofctnln control of this road and each hns authorized repeated denials. "Tho report that attracted the most attention yesterday was that tho Goulds had offered 300 for enough stock to carry control. This would mean $lf0 each for tho Lackawanna , half shares of $50 par value, and according to Stock Exchange gossip a direct offer had been made to take over tho entire holdings of tho Moses Taylor estate at this price. President Truosdalo of tho Lackawanna road, said that he had never heard of any such offer and knew nothing of a ponding deal of any kind. A representative of George J. Gould said that Mr. Oould had denied rumors nbout his seeking control of Lackawanna so often that ho was tired of the subject and would pay no more attention to it. "The control of the Lackawanna road now rests with less than half a dozen interests the Moses Taylor estate, tho Rockefellers, the Vanderbllts, James Stillman and Samuel Sloan teprcsent the principal owners. There has not been stock enough to affect the control in the open market for several years Recent sharp advances In the quotations have been attributed by conservative Wall street men to bullish manipulation for effect on the other coal stocks. Lackawanna stock has naturally been strong In recent years because of tho company's steadily in-creaseil earnings and large restive assets. There has been a great deal of Wall street talk recently about a possible Increase of stock with valuable 'rights' to the present stockholders. "One phase of yesterday's sensational advance in the price of Lackawanna was a jump from 2SS to 204 within half an hour on purchases of only 600 shares by C. I. Hudson & Co. The quotation receded immediately and closed at 290, a net advance for the day of 10 points. This Is a rise of just '10 points since Jan. 2."

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TltU booth is trimmed In Uaefc aud red and preent a cry pleating appearance, the electitc lights effect being grand. Uooth No. a Matioiu, Mcsdamw S. W, Arnold, I. W, llobetts, J. U. Oroivr, W, il. Walker, Georgo Uoberts; uwlt. antsMUm Ijura ltobirU, Myrtta Itltter, Alic Swale, Mary Tiiwx, l'?jl llrundage, Nina Uriiu. iLwe. 'IUU booth is trimmed iu blue and pln SENSATIONAL ADVANCE LACKAWANNA STOCK. Tlio policeman coinnmiuls obodicnco to tho law in tlia fsimtilcst way. Ilia uplifted hand stops traffic ns ufToo-tivclv as a leveled rovolver. It is only when reckless people refuse tho gcntlor warnings of tho law that club and pistol como into play tind result in wounds or death. H Tho law of nnturo is enforced on the Bamo plan ns the civil lnw. Tho law-breaker docs not, come to tho Bick-bed without watning.

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Tho headache, sleeplessness, and nervousness, with, flatulence, unduo fnlnesa nftcr eating, and other symptoms of stomach "trouble," which como to nteti and women, nro nil Nature's warnings of violations of tho laws of healthful living. If theso warnings aio not heeded, then comes tho sterner admonition that often places tho heedless and disobedient on a sick-bed. There aro people to-dav oxistino- on toast and " ing, who ought to bo in sound health and in tho full enjoyment of life. They would bo had they heeded tho warnings Naturo gives. Iu most cases they may oven yet bo voBtorcd to health by tho uso of tho samo means by which thousands of men and women havo been mndo strong and healthy Dr. Pierco's Golden Medical Discovery. Tho cures effected by tbis remarkably remedy aro so many that thero is hardly a town or village in tho country which does not contain somo living witnesses to itfl curative powers. The stories of these peopio aro varied and cover many forms of diseaso affecting lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, stomach, blood, etc., but all tho stories aro alike in this ono feature they end with a perfect and lasting euro as tho result of the uso of "Golden Medical Discovery." It is a singular fact that tho larger number of persons cured had been sufferers for years and had become victims of chronic diseases. The fact is singular because of tho neglect to uso Dr. Pierco's Golden Medical Discovery in tho early stages of disease, a medicine bo widely known because of its cures. The witnesses to theso cures aro legion. Clergymen, doctors, merchants, farmers, men and women in ovory walk of life, aro among thoso who, for tho benefit of other sufferers, point to tho simple and economic mentis of cure offered in tho use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. " I was not well for two years," writes Mr. James M. Sizemorc, of Mitchell, Lawrence Co., Intl., Box 501. "My throat was always sotc, head ached and back ached nearly all the time. My weight was 155 pounds. I was taken sick with typhoid fever, and when the fever left me I had such a pain in my left tide I could not breathe without pain. I thought I must die. My wife went to the drug store and procured a bottle of Jit. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and a vial of his ' Pleasant Pellets.' I discontinued the use of my doctor's medicine and began with the ' Golden Medical Discovery ' and ' Pellets.' I at once began to feel better; the pain soon left my side and I could breathe with c.ise. In a week or so I felt 60 goo"d I could not stay in the room. I began to walk about the streets ; I felt better each morning After a mouth's use of the medicine I was well. That was over a year ago. Now I weigh iSf pounds and ftel better than ever in my life." "I was afflicted for several years with a. complication of diseases; neuraltria of stomach, rheumatism and kidney trouble," writes Mrs. Luella Garlinchouse, of physicians of our town for two or three years without receiving any particular benefit, I j " decided to write to Dr. R. V. Pierce and give hint a brief description of my case. You S kindly answered my letter immediately, recommending a persistent and systematic I """ "' course ot treatment wiui Dr. 1'ierce s uomen Medical Discovery. Also requesting that I follow the hygienic advice which you enclosed, and which I did with the following results: When I wrote to Dr. Pierce I had been sick for several years with rheumatism, but for the last year other diseases set in. I had neuralgia of stomach, also a pain in my heel and ankle (they were swelled during the day ) , and pajn at the very end of the spine, so I could hardly sit down at all. My throat was very sore every night for three mouths, and my stomach was so sore I couldn't bear the weight of my clothes Strange to say I had an enormous appetite, but everything I ate gave me that pain in the stomach. In fact, 'i wa3 so discouraged I never expected to get well, but after consulting Dr. Pierce I felt some hopes of recovery. After taking thirteen bottles of 'Golden Medical Discovery,' two of 'Favorite Prescription' and three vials of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets I-felt entirely well." Every farmer and dairyman knows that it is of tho first importance that the vessels into wliioh the fresh milk is put shall be absolutely clean. The slightest taint in tho vessel will taint all tho milk that is put into it. It is very much the samo way with tho stomach. If the stomach is diseased it must injuriously affect ,thc food put into the stomach. And as tho blood is made from digested food, the blood also must suffer contamination from tho diseased stomach. Then becauso blood is tho life of tho body and feeds every organ of- tho body, whatever affects tho healthy quality of the blood must affcot tho organs which feed on tho blood, and, thercforo, affect the whole body, the life and sustenance of which is the blood made from food. These facts connect tho diseased stomach with every organ and tissue of the body, and partly explain why Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery which cures diseases of the stomach and other organs of digestion and nutrition, also purifies tho blood and cures through tho stomach diseases of organs seeming remote from tho stomach, but yet so linked to it and dependent on it that they cannot have sound health so long as the stomach and digestive and nutritive system are diseased. Instead of trying JJr. of all. Its use offers always cures. Sick people, are invited to consult Dr. Pierce by letter free. strictly confidential. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N." Y. Accept no substitute for " Golden Medical Discovery." There good" for diseases of the stomach aud blood.

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Coutt Lily of the ValUy, t'oicstrrs of Amir'ca, held a unokcr In their hall on Main street hit eie'idng. Thu ladles' Aid society of tho St. JaiuiM' I'pU-ccpal cliuivli will meet at tlia home of Mis. Usu. S. Dunn, of Main ttreet, tuiuonow atuinoou. slops," weak, laiBcrablo and comnlnin. Galena, Delaware Co., O. "After doctorintr iiorco's ttoldcn Medical Discovery the greatest possibility of cure, it ' r OLYPHANT The fuipial of Mr. Tlioma 1' June will laka place fiom tl.e family homo on Sunpieliauua .licit tomonw aiteinoon. At 2.3U ei'clock the le'malns will be taken to tho SuqiK-hanna Stirti llaptUt church, rthcio ieiiiees will be, conducttd by Rev. Oec-rge fla-rue, th pator, Interment will he made In I'ulou eimelery. 'llio fciljiIi uicmbet of Tho lllakelv WhUt club uijo.ied a ulidgh-ilde tu (Jreen RhUo la.t i renins, while they weio entertained at the rett. dcniu of Mr. and Mrs. N. b. Speck, Mr. aud Mi. K. J. Dull, Mr. and Mn. V. J. l'araom, Mr. aud Mis. J. A. Dull, Mr. aud Mr.. D. O. I.lujil, MI-m- AgiifS Dull, Plui.i and Alien Diild, Ollio Murphy, Sadie Lelllbild'u', Majit Shaw, S, h. Me-Cabe, D, II. Mitthewsun, C. W. Douser, T. M. Voyle, Althur Wldduwllild. Dr. I', f-- VauSiekle. 'I he incinbe-t-, of the Lady IJllcn I'ennnn lod.j of llibeeea nr.' leipieitid to incit iu the'r loom th! evening ul 7 ti'eloek slnrp, t' mako atraiiri1-incuts to attend the funeial of the late "dr. '1'. I'. Jonea. 'Ilia Frankle Dramatlu rompani pre.ented "My I'rlend fro.n India" before anotliet laigo audit neu at the opera lioiiie hit (".iiung. 'lonijlit liny will pioduee "Pawn Tlikct No. 210."

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DURYEA. 1'iauk Salt sust lined Injuries about tho head and back by falling from ems of the jig tint-ben of tho Lawrenca colliery, Mr. Seth rv'sidoi at Wilko-l!aire und was ciuploed ut putting machinery lit tho Laivienej breaker, which intends to rsuiu3 operations in Aptil. lie wa walking on a Jig timber when hU foot tdippped on a little led and he fell pit some snaps of iiou below, striking on lit Inch ana head, a setlous wound w.u Inlllcted on tho back of Id head. A phyilclait' summoned and dreoved tbu inlut Ies "of tho nufortuiuto man. Kdwaid Nolan, an cmploju ot thu lltlbide col' )ier, vuvtalued injuilus by laving Ids Uuco muceftpij befieen two cats, Nolan was working an t.tra eliitt and vn auexrant ot tho darkness did iwt deteet the cars u moling wiien his leg was caught between tlwm. 'J lie aecnleut oc-curiad about 0 p. in. Monday, Dr. lliitllnjtou attended to tho iujuty. iingo NmIv. whu had his k'vsc luJureJ at Roblutoii & Law's mine a fnw ekiS ago, is now yK" ' AWAf J il VM tfcil.fWgj Hi I ''l'l'i'ii"i'!t' ' V ' iM'i1"1 Wi 1Mlf IIMl' . t V W3C- V " f vi Txt V l J "'? 1 1? IT fi'-'-flrV-JV"! iiiiii! 1 P!$Tl'liF ySn3lR45(tn(nn'9wni IB HftniUl'lfierl Hl5uff47?5ryTvWiitfJrTi(re1iJi Hi v& mi 1 l -trw1 1 with five of the best as a last resort, try it first always helps. It almost All correspondence is nothing "just as 4 K tSxil (A fij q sJ (H. 4$m Don't nogSoat tho OiSpop-tassiiy to gat a cojsy of Bt gi NOWHERE ELSE ON EARTH Can the Eeekor After HEALTH AND HAPPINESS Find Such Itich Kewnrd,

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The Ladles' Homo Missionary society I would like a pamphlet please

a passing spacecadet, Saturday, 12 September 2015 12:34 (three years ago) Permalink

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