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So, I had a dream last night that I came to this big beautiful theatre to see this man in an opera. I came with my ex. I remember being worried of what my ex would think this was, because I didn't want a relationship with him. Afterwards he asked me for a kiss and told me to get a ride home with the man in the opera. I waited in the lobby for this man and he never came out, so I went in the theatre to get him and the theatre became a big swimming pool. At one point I remember sitting on a bench and big frightening sharks beaching on shore and trying to eat me, but I remembered that when sharks wash on shore, they can't eat you anymore. At one point a shark went back into the water and I watched 2 little boys jump in. I yelled for their father to save them. Then it transitioned and I was jumping in the water and swimming really fast to an island on the other side and a friend of the man jumping in and swimming across. Somehow it ended up being me, the man, and his friend. The man seemed much more distant then normal, so I decided to leave, but instead I walked around the theatre to the other side of the island so I could hear what they were saying about me. The man told his friend that he thought I was a whore and when he asked if we would start dating because the man was newly single, he replied with, "That's not the sort of girl you bring home to your mother." He came back around the theatre to drive me home and saw me sitting there I yelled "I heard everything. I can't believe you said those horrible things," And he grabbed me around my waist and chest from hehind and started crying and saying "Wait, no please don't go." but when I finally pulled hard enough, he released me and started yelling how he thought it was true and he was going to get back together with his ex. My bestfriend was in the parking lot waiting for me in her car and I remember yelling "DIE" to him, then slamming the door. He tried calling twice, and only half his name appeared on my phone, which I thought was strange because I had deleted his number. I answered once and yelled "DIE" again and hung up. Then I remember that he was borrowing my dad's car and needed my address to return it. I called back and his line was busy and I was sure he was on the other line with is ex. I called back again and his voicemail picked up and I left him a message with my address. I watched his car drive away on a freeway with hundreds of bridges and roads. Then I woke up.

Jennifer Viola, Thursday, 7 September 2006 12:32 (twelve years ago) Permalink

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