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this year's Qualifying Offer has been set at $17.4 million, up just $200k from last year

mookieproof, Monday, 23 October 2017 16:51 (two months ago) Permalink

the braves have declined their $8m option on r.a. dickey

he was . . . not good the handful of times i saw him but still put up league-average numbers over 190 innings (19th-most in mlb) this year

mookieproof, Monday, 23 October 2017 17:02 (two months ago) Permalink

kind of odd that the MLB leader in innings pitched (Chris Sale) finished w/a mere 214.1 IP.

nomar, Monday, 23 October 2017 17:07 (two months ago) Permalink

sox wanted to keep him fresh so he could lose two playoff games

mookieproof, Monday, 23 October 2017 17:14 (two months ago) Permalink

well he was able to check into his offseason lodgings early at least


nomar, Monday, 23 October 2017 17:16 (two months ago) Permalink

Matt: What are the odds Stanton gets moved this winter?

Dave Cameron: 99%

johnny crunch, Thursday, 26 October 2017 12:32 (two months ago) Permalink

28 Miami Marlins $25,000,000

29 Miami Marlins $26,000,000

30 Miami Marlins $26,000,000 may opt out of contract following 2020 season

31 Miami Marlins $29,000,000

32 Miami Marlins $29,000,000

33 Miami Marlins $32,000,000

34 Miami Marlins $32,000,000

35 Miami Marlins $32,000,000

36 Miami Marlins $29,000,000

37 Miami Marlins $25,000,000

38 Miami Marlins *$25,000,000 $25M Team Option, $10M Buyout

johnny crunch, Thursday, 26 October 2017 14:15 (two months ago) Permalink

Tanaka must notify #Yankees by midnight Sat if opting out of final 3 yrs, $67M left, so NYY will have quick knowledge 1 way or the other.

mookieproof, Thursday, 2 November 2017 14:46 (two months ago) Permalink

Are the new Marlins owners as cheap as Loria?

NoTimeBeforeTime, Thursday, 2 November 2017 15:40 (two months ago) Permalink


xp sounds like they might be cheaper

mookieproof, Thursday, 2 November 2017 15:41 (two months ago) Permalink

Offering Jeff Conine, Tony Perez and Andre Dawson https://twitter.com/pgammo/status/9243141455452446725,000 each is beyond insulting. Jeff can watch son Griffin be a no. 1 pick for Duke...

— Peter Gammons (@pgammo) October 28, 2017

Andy K, Thursday, 2 November 2017 16:00 (two months ago) Permalink

angels sign jupton to five-year deal (through 2022) superseding his existing contract (which ran through 2021)

extra year is worth $18m for his age-34 season

mookieproof, Thursday, 2 November 2017 16:48 (two months ago) Permalink

apparently this all happened because he had an opt-out on the existing deal

mookieproof, Thursday, 2 November 2017 16:49 (two months ago) Permalink

$106MM / 5 yrs


ice cream social justice (Dr Morbius), Thursday, 2 November 2017 17:21 (two months ago) Permalink

Angels be angeling

drejelire, Thursday, 2 November 2017 17:22 (two months ago) Permalink

idk, he seems fully capable of putting up the 3 WAR per year necessary to make it worthwhile

mookieproof, Thursday, 2 November 2017 17:30 (two months ago) Permalink

Ray Liotta as Shoeless Joe
Tony LaRussa takes a front office role with the Red Sox. Hilarious.

Eno Sarris
Maybe he has contacts within the game and can facilitate trades? That's an underrated part of trades: they happen more often between people that are friendly.

ice cream social justice (Dr Morbius), Thursday, 2 November 2017 17:37 (two months ago) Permalink

I mean no one who owns a sports team is a good person

qualx, Thursday, 2 November 2017 22:24 (two months ago) Permalink

I'd assume the 29 other owners would do everything they could to oppose a growing union too

qualx, Thursday, 2 November 2017 22:25 (two months ago) Permalink

the marlins have declined their option on ichiro, making him a free agent

mookieproof, Friday, 3 November 2017 18:47 (two months ago) Permalink

Tea Leoni for Third:
Who will be the best player acquired this offseason by the Mariners?

Jeff Sullivan:
Some league-average first baseman

What teams do you think are going to go full rebuild this offseason?

Jeff Sullivan:
The Orioles should, but presumably won’t
The Blue Jays could, but presumably won’t
The Tigers have already started
I don’t know how the Royals are going to emerge from this
The Rangers might start laying the rebuild foundation
And the Marlins, of course, are going to begin some major shedding

ice cream social justice (Dr Morbius), Friday, 3 November 2017 21:51 (two months ago) Permalink

the fucking al west, man

brimstead, Friday, 3 November 2017 21:56 (two months ago) Permalink

Tigers' 40-man currently at -3.

Andy K, Saturday, 4 November 2017 00:39 (two months ago) Permalink

half a dozen rule 5 picks; very exciting

mookieproof, Saturday, 4 November 2017 03:43 (two months ago) Permalink

Tanaka does not opt out

YouTube_-_funy_cats.flv (Jimmy The Mod Awaits The Return Of His Beloved), Monday, 6 November 2017 16:32 (two months ago) Permalink

The Big Question Every Team Will Have to Answer This Winter https://t.co/U9e3s2quAU

— FanGraphs Baseball (@fangraphs) November 7, 2017

ice cream social justice (Dr Morbius), Tuesday, 7 November 2017 20:40 (two months ago) Permalink

Teams that have spoken to agent Scott Boras about new client J.D. Martinez have come away with the impression that Boras and Martinez are seeking a deal in the vicinity of $200MM in total guarantees, tweets ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick. Martinez hired Boras as his new representative just days before the free-agent period began.

Karl Malone, Thursday, 9 November 2017 17:30 (two months ago) Permalink

i'm always surprised that he gets linked to NL teams in trade rumors because he seems like an inevitable DH situation

Karl Malone, Thursday, 9 November 2017 17:32 (two months ago) Permalink

it's ridiculous what J.D. Martinez did in only 119(!) games (45 home runs, 104 RBI, 85 runs, .376 OBP, etc) but uh this will not end well.

omar little, Thursday, 9 November 2017 17:40 (two months ago) Permalink

Pretty insane catfish story involving Baseball Prospectus and other MLB blogs:


reggae mike love (polyphonic), Friday, 10 November 2017 00:23 (two months ago) Permalink

“If you’re going to make up an entire false identity, why would you make yourself into a shitty person?”

mookieproof, Friday, 10 November 2017 00:33 (two months ago) Permalink

That story is completely insane.

Mad Piratical (The Cursed Return of the Dastardly Thermo Thinwall), Friday, 10 November 2017 02:09 (two months ago) Permalink

I have Ohtani fever

Karl Malone, Friday, 10 November 2017 16:49 (two months ago) Permalink

it's spreading in all major markets

ice cream social justice (Dr Morbius), Friday, 10 November 2017 17:29 (two months ago) Permalink

Scott Boras on J.D. Martinez: “High atop the MLB Empire rests the King Kong of Slug — a 50-point lead.” Boras said Martinez’s pace with DBacks would project to 70 HR and .741 SLG over 150-game season. Boras: “That’s how dominant J.D. Kong is.” @MLB

— Jon Morosi (@jonmorosi) November 10, 2017

mookieproof, Friday, 10 November 2017 17:31 (two months ago) Permalink

Someone is going to pay a lot for a 3.5 WAR player.

Van Horn Street, Friday, 10 November 2017 23:40 (two months ago) Permalink

Tigers imo

YouTube_-_funy_cats.flv (Jimmy The Mod Awaits The Return Of His Beloved), Saturday, 11 November 2017 04:44 (two months ago) Permalink

i'm not sure there's anyone left who believes that and can afford that. maybe seattle? angels?

mookieproof, Saturday, 11 November 2017 05:23 (two months ago) Permalink

Could price himself a bit out of a long deal. Nelson Cruz seemed setup for a big payday and he ended up just taking that one year deal in Baltimore. I'd think JD Martinez is probably closer to Cruz than Boras would want to admit, but the agent only needs one GM to rook and it could happen.

earlnash, Saturday, 11 November 2017 05:46 (two months ago) Permalink

Brisbee anticipates Ohtani's MLB career arc


ice cream social justice (Dr Morbius), Saturday, 11 November 2017 07:11 (two months ago) Permalink

The odds are definitely against him being a star hitter in MLB.

NoTimeBeforeTime, Sunday, 12 November 2017 18:05 (two months ago) Permalink

alex anthopoulos is yr new barves gm

mookieproof, Monday, 13 November 2017 16:48 (two months ago) Permalink

i liked a little detail in a story i read about the GM meetings (forget which one). since so many teams now have front offices where the real dealmaking power/authority resides in a president/director of operations role (like the cubs, for example), the traditional photo op where all the GMs get together has become complicated. should theo epstein represent the cubs in the photo? or Jed Hoyer? who the fuck is Jed Hoyer? exactly

Karl Malone, Monday, 13 November 2017 16:51 (two months ago) Permalink

Derek Jeter says he hasn’t spoken to Giancarlo Stanton yet. “If there’s a reason to call, I’ll call.”

— Andy McCullough (@McCulloughTimes) November 15, 2017

re2pect to the captain for this heel turn

mookieproof, Wednesday, 15 November 2017 16:41 (two months ago) Permalink

The following players will make https://twitter.com/williamfleitch/status/9308935814637608960 million or more in 2018:

Homer Bailey
Shin-Soo Choo
Adrian Gonzalez
Alex Gordon
Matt Kemp
Russell Martin
James Shields
David Wright

— Will Leitch (@williamfleitch) November 15, 2017

mookieproof, Wednesday, 15 November 2017 21:22 (two months ago) Permalink

wally joyner was the matthew broderick of major league baseball

illegal economic migration (Tracer Hand), Wednesday, 3 January 2018 16:10 (two weeks ago) Permalink

ok you can't just leave it like that

ice cream social justice (Dr Morbius), Wednesday, 3 January 2018 16:48 (two weeks ago) Permalink

little big league

Karl Malone, Wednesday, 3 January 2018 16:52 (two weeks ago) Permalink

Putting it in less vague terms: ZiPS projects 10 pitchers on the Yankees 40-man as relievers. Their projected ERA+ in descending order: 177, 159, 146, 145, 136, 129, 125, 120, 112, 112.

— Dan Szymborski (@DSzymborski) January 3, 2018

yanks bullpen should be good

k3vin k., Wednesday, 3 January 2018 16:53 (two weeks ago) Permalink

Eric Hosmer, coveted all winter by the San Diego Padres, now has another surprising small-market team going head-to-head for his services.

Yes, his old team.

The Kansas City Royals have offered Hosmer a franchise-record seven-year, $147-million contract, persons close to Hosmer told USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity since negotiations are still undergoing.

Hosmer also has a seven-year, $140 million offer from the Padres, people close to Hosmer say, which is $1 million less a year than the Royals’ deal.

this does not seem like a good small market move

Karl Malone, Thursday, 4 January 2018 02:53 (two weeks ago) Permalink

he's been one of the most durable players in baseball since he came in the league so there's maybe a better than average chance that this isn't one of those long term deals where the guy is a shell of himself physically like halfway into it (especially when compared to 1B specifically). but idk how you feel good at all about giving a guy who has put up 2 replacement level seasons in the last 4 years that kind of money. it feels like the sequel to the jason heyward contract waiting to happen.

J0rdan S., Thursday, 4 January 2018 05:38 (two weeks ago) Permalink

and even the heyward contract in the grand scheme of how these things can go... i'm still more optimistic about his deal than like jacoby ellsbury or shin shoo choo. nonetheless...

J0rdan S., Thursday, 4 January 2018 05:45 (two weeks ago) Permalink

the nonrush to sign free agents could be here to stay


ice cream social justice (Dr Morbius), Thursday, 4 January 2018 15:59 (two weeks ago) Permalink

The best thing I can say about a Hosmer contract is that by the end, it might not look so bad due to continuing salary inflation throughout MLB. But you could say that about all contracts, so...yeah. Take him back, KCR!

I didn’t realize the braves rebuild was already in the go for it stage?

Karl Malone, Thursday, 4 January 2018 16:03 (two weeks ago) Permalink

the royals have given LHP richard lovelady a non-roster invite to spring training

mookieproof, Friday, 5 January 2018 21:19 (two weeks ago) Permalink

I wonder what the point is where the money the owners save through collusion is cancelled out by a loss of fan interest in the sport after a dead offseason

— Patrick Dubuque (@euqubud) January 9, 2018

idk, i don't think fans care nearly as much as writers with nothing to write about do

anyway, the pirates are sending gerrit cole to houston momentarily

mookieproof, Wednesday, 10 January 2018 17:00 (one week ago) Permalink

yeah, i agree. only the diehards about this stuff, and they'll be raring to go for spring training, regardless

Karl Malone, Wednesday, 10 January 2018 17:03 (one week ago) Permalink

only the diecards ^care^ about this stuff

Karl Malone, Wednesday, 10 January 2018 17:03 (one week ago) Permalink

oh no, don't diecards

i should just go back to bed

Karl Malone, Wednesday, 10 January 2018 17:04 (one week ago) Permalink

jay bruce back to the mets (3 years, $39 million)

Karl Malone, Thursday, 11 January 2018 03:49 (one week ago) Permalink



ice cream social justice (Dr Morbius), Thursday, 11 January 2018 04:53 (one week ago) Permalink

i guess the 'transformed' flyball approach is key


ice cream social justice (Dr Morbius), Thursday, 11 January 2018 20:06 (one week ago) Permalink

Cole to the Astros, supposedly for realsies this time. for waaaaayyy less than i would have expected, if this is correct: Musgrove and Colin Moran.

Mad Piratical (The Cursed Return of the Dastardly Thermo Thinwall), Saturday, 13 January 2018 23:31 (six days ago) Permalink

looks like there's two more throw-ins going to Pitt – but those two are the main pieces.

Mad Piratical (The Cursed Return of the Dastardly Thermo Thinwall), Saturday, 13 January 2018 23:37 (six days ago) Permalink

that is a shitty return


mookieproof, Sunday, 14 January 2018 00:37 (five days ago) Permalink

oh good, some 25yo quad-a guys

An array of thoughts on the Gerrit Cole trade from 4 people whose baseball opinions I respect. pic.twitter.com/oSQdt4HAbf

— James Santelli, An All-Nonsense Guy (@JamesSantelli) January 14, 2018

mookieproof, Sunday, 14 January 2018 00:50 (five days ago) Permalink

Story Musgrove

Andy K, Sunday, 14 January 2018 01:03 (five days ago) Permalink

oof. at least they didn't deal him to the cubs (who they were apparently talking with re: cole)

Karl Malone, Sunday, 14 January 2018 02:56 (five days ago) Permalink

what happened to the Bucs and their Big Data?

ice cream social justice (Dr Morbius), Sunday, 14 January 2018 02:57 (five days ago) Permalink

plus now pirates fans can say "get a brain, moran" after he messes up! you can't put a $ figure on that kind of fan service

Karl Malone, Sunday, 14 January 2018 02:59 (five days ago) Permalink

McCutchen to the Giants.

Van Horn Street, Monday, 15 January 2018 20:37 (four days ago) Permalink

idk what the giants are doing

Spottie, Monday, 15 January 2018 21:29 (four days ago) Permalink

My condolences to Pirates fans, who like us are watching their championship team be scattered to the winds, only without the championship. Or even an NLCS appearance.

— Rany Jazayerli (@jazayerli) January 15, 2018

From 2013 through 2015, the Royals went 270-216 (.556), with 1 division title and 1 wild card.

From 2013 through 2015, the Pirates went 280-206 (.576), with 3 wild cards (all at home).

There but for the grace of God go us.

— Rany Jazayerli (@jazayerli) January 15, 2018

mookieproof, Monday, 15 January 2018 22:05 (four days ago) Permalink

selling tickets. xpost

Van Horn Street, Monday, 15 January 2018 22:06 (four days ago) Permalink

I know the Pirates did not get much from Cole and McCutchen* but what is the situation with prospect/young players? I have been under the uninformed impression that they got some good talent coming up and that they are not too far away from perhaps contending.

*making that assumption because the Giants have nothing in return to give.

Van Horn Street, Monday, 15 January 2018 22:14 (four days ago) Permalink

Nationals signed Howie Kendrick to a two-year deal.

ice cream social justice (Dr Morbius), Tuesday, 16 January 2018 17:16 (three days ago) Permalink

The Mets have agreed to sign free-agent first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, pending a physical, according to USA TODAY Sports.

MLB Network insider Jon Heyman also reported a deal was pending. The club has not confirmed an agreement.

Gonzalez, 35, was traded from the Dodgers to the Braves in December as part of a five-player deal, and then released. As a result, the Mets would only need to pay him the league minimum salary of $545,000 in 2018, with the Braves responsible for the rest of the $21.5 million owed to him for the 2018 season under his previous contract.


ice cream social justice (Dr Morbius), Tuesday, 16 January 2018 17:16 (three days ago) Permalink

28 days to pitchers & catchers. No landing spot yet for Darvish, Arrieta, JDM, Hosmer, Cain, Moustakas, Lucroy, Lynn, Cobb, Escobar (x2), LoMo, CarGo, Greg Holland, Chris Tillman, Ichiro and approximately 185 other guys who were on major league rosters in 2017

no collusion, no collusion, you're the colluder

illegal economic migration (Tracer Hand), Tuesday, 16 January 2018 21:21 (three days ago) Permalink

It definitely does seem like the draft and young player development is becoming more a conversation of fans.

Teams are in on the numbers and just don't want to give up young, cheap talent up for anything. That's where you win or lose. I thought it was interesting even in doing those couple of trades, the Giants still held on to a couple of their top prospects.

If that is all Pittsburgh or the Rays can get for players of that caliber, can't really blame a team like the Reds for not dealing some of their topped out players. You can't get any decent return and it's just cheaper to let them play and maybe try again in July. They got Duvall, Hamilton and Scooter tied up for 2-3 years still to deal them at another point.

The local TV deals pretty much will keep baseball from evening out things money wise. Unless cord cutting causes the contracts to bomb, I don't see any change to this anytime soon.

earlnash, Tuesday, 16 January 2018 23:58 (three days ago) Permalink

^^ this

It's been said countless times, but front offices are smarter now and won't pay big money in free agency for one-dimensional players, especially on or near the wrong side of age 30. Mark Trumbo led MLB in homers in 2016 but went unsigned for most of the offseason last year. That would have been unthinkable even three years earlier. Teams don't want to get stuck with the Ryan Howard/Josh Hamilton 4-5 year disaster deals, which is why the market is so cool on JD Martinez and Eric Hosmer.

But I don't think that teams are less interested in winning than ever before, as Passan's article implies. MLB has never been a parity league. Right now the gap between the best and worst teams might be higher than in most years, but multiyear rebuilds are nothing new.

NoTimeBeforeTime, Wednesday, 17 January 2018 14:57 (two days ago) Permalink

Addison Reed to Twins for 2 years

ice cream social justice (Dr Morbius), Wednesday, 17 January 2018 15:54 (two days ago) Permalink

(xpost) Heard on the way home that the Red Sox offered, or are about to offer, $100m/5 years to J.D. Martinez. The Red Sox and the two or three other usual suspects still get to play around with Monopoly money. (Maybe that's less than what they would have thrown at him three years ago, though.)

clemenza, Wednesday, 17 January 2018 22:59 (two days ago) Permalink

more on the cold stove:


illegal economic migration (Tracer Hand), Wednesday, 17 January 2018 23:16 (two days ago) Permalink

i agree that no team wants to wind up with late-era albert pujols, and that all the teams are smarter about paying big bucks for guys in their 30s. but there's a difference between being smart and being cheap, and with the staggering amounts of money teams are making and are worth, crying poor is bullshit.

But I don't think that teams are less interested in winning than ever before

with revenue sharing, mlbam money, artificial salary cap, free stadiums, etc., teams' financial success is less tied to their on-field performance than ever. i don't think the pirates or a's or marlins, among others, prioritize winning very much at all. in europe, those clubs would have been relegated to lower leagues by now, but that's not how things work here.

. . . Nutting is a billionaire who owns a newspaper conglomerate and is the chairman of a ski resort in Pennsylvania. Keep in mind that, before the 2017 season, Forbes valued the Pirates as being worth $1.25 billion. Keep in mind that the Pirates are revenue sharing recipients, and that their $109 million payroll in 2017 was 25th in the league, some $50 million below the MLB average. Keep in mind that, in 2010, the AP reported that Pittsburgh—which opened that season with the lowest payroll in baseball at just $39.4 million—made $29.4 million in ’07 and ’08. And keep in mind that, at some point this year, every MLB owner, including Nutting, will receive $50 million from the league, no strings attached, as part of its sale of a majority stake in BAMTech to Disney (on top of the $33 million each already received in 2016 for a minority stake sale).

Does that sound like a team that needs to be counting every penny, or that can’t find a way to put the pieces around McCutchen and Cole to compete for a World Series? Those two players will make just under $22 million combined in 2018, a pittance in today’s market, yet Pittsburgh decided that was a financial bridge too far. And from the way Nutting makes it sound, nothing would have changed that. A team worth a billion dollars and with nearly $300 million in revenue last year chooses to hide behind cries of poverty. A billionaire complains about how the game is rigged against him and chooses to cut payroll, deal away stars, and play next season on the cheap (the Pirates have a mere $70 million on the books for 2018). In the battle between the fans and the bottom line, the money won.


most of the individual moves the pirates made over the last several years made sense, e.g. giving up in 2016 and dealing mark melancon to get felipe rivero. but the grand strategy behind them was helplessness. they had a window and did almost nothing to maintain it -- they never traded for a zobrist or a cueto, they never signed any decent free agents (sorry david freese and john jaso), whenever they bought low and rehabilitated guys' careers, those guys immediately went elsewhere.

mike ilitch eventually drove his team into the ground with bad contracts, but he definitely wanted to win. these other teams don't seem too interested

mookieproof, Thursday, 18 January 2018 02:07 (yesterday) Permalink

with revenue sharing, mlbam money, artificial salary cap, free stadiums, etc., teams' financial success is less tied to their on-field performance than ever.

Yeah, but there have always been bad teams with cheap owners. In the old days when the team was bad, fewer fans would buy tickets to the games (when that was the main source of revenue), which gave the owners an excuse to cut salaries and trade players. Lower revenue meant lower costs, and the owners still made money. It's bullshit, but it's not new. It's just a multibillion dollar business now instead of a multimillion dollar one. But there's no real way to force an owner to spend money, it's just the way it is. I say this as someone who fully shares in your frustration, seeing how the Jays are also owned by a cheap ass media conglomerate (who also own the network that broadcasts the games to the entire country). Toronto has a metropolitan population of about six million, but ownership still claims we're a small market team who can't compete with Boston and New York.

I have to say that the league offices also have to share the blame here, say what you want about the NFL, but they have a league-first mentality and if you win, they'll promote the shit out of you (and the media happily follows along). Despite the record profits, revenue sharing, and franchise valuations, in baseball there's still this mentality that only about 6-10 teams really matter on a national level, and the rest are local chumps that nobody wants to see playing in the World Series. So I can kind of understand why teams are cheap sometimes when the growth potential beyond your local market isn't there.

NoTimeBeforeTime, Thursday, 18 January 2018 08:52 (yesterday) Permalink

Ha remember when they gave 240 millions // 10 years to Albert Pujols lol.

Van Horn Street, Friday, 19 January 2018 00:41 (eleven hours ago) Permalink

I think a lot of GMs and owners are going to look really bad when their rebuilding don't yield a Bryant or a Correa. There is only so much of these really good prospects to go around, especially considering some of them are already snatched by the contending teams. The Church of the Young Player, as Brisbee baptized, is not going to work for everybody like it did for the Cubs and Astros.

I keep thinking of the White Sox who had 3 players that are good enough to build around: Sale, Quintana and Eaton. They got really good returns for trading these. + they have Abreu that they might ship at any moment. We all love Moncada and Jimenez but still what are the odds they produce has many wins in their first 5 seasons as Sale and Quintana did? Tim Anderson was a top 20 prospect if I recall? He projects 82 wrc+ at age 25. I understand that Anderson is a draft pick, not a trade, but my larger point is that some GM gave an incentive to known asshole owners like Reinsdorf to rip their rosters for profit. And that perhaps the next competitive advantage is what the Giants have been doing, getting 3-war caliber veterans players for prospect they see no value for.

Van Horn Street, Friday, 19 January 2018 00:56 (ten hours ago) Permalink

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