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The vampire episode with Luke Wilson.

Gold Teeth II (kenan), Friday, 1 October 2004 16:22 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Oh, and that one where they inhaled those spores that made them hallucinate and then the ground ate them or something, that was a good one too.

nickalicious (nickalicious), Friday, 1 October 2004 16:25 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

"Field Day" from Season 6.

latebloomer (latebloomer), Friday, 1 October 2004 16:31 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Or "Field Trip", not sure.

latebloomer (latebloomer), Friday, 1 October 2004 16:36 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

What was the one about the teen who was a human-insiect hybrid who could control insects with his pheremones?

Dan Perry '08 (Dan Perry), Friday, 1 October 2004 16:38 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

i love the pizza boy vampire, hotel massage-bed one!

and jack black was in one, can't remember. why is the dvd set like 1/2 my paycheck?

kephm (kephm), Friday, 1 October 2004 16:49 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Started to go downhill right after the movie - they went mersh and dumbed down the whole thing. Then Duchovny left, and after that it was like "why bother?"

The finale was one of the most unspectacular things I've ever seen.

Joshua Houk (chascarrillo), Saturday, 2 October 2004 02:56 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Another TV show where it was better left open-ended as nickalicious said, exactly like Twin Peaks. Oh how I long for back in the day, when popular TV was delightfully wacky!

lemin (lemin), Saturday, 2 October 2004 05:00 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

The show was great as long as it was in Vancouver. When Mr Red Shoes forced them to move to LA it lost a lot of the atmosphere for a nicer shine. It's quite noticable in the lighting, the use of sharp lines was basically eliminated.

Mr Noodles (Mr Noodles), Saturday, 2 October 2004 14:15 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

The Lone Gunmen, they were fucking rubbish, weren't they?

Dom Passantino (Dom Passantino), Saturday, 2 October 2004 15:13 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

well they were ok when they were kept as minor characters who would be on once in a while. but just as in "the simpsons", once the producers recognized the popularity of the characters among fans they decided to make them into obnoxious regulars.

latebloomer (latebloomer), Saturday, 2 October 2004 16:01 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

did anyone actually watch their spinoff? I loved the X-Files and even I didn't watch it

kyle (akmonday), Saturday, 2 October 2004 16:03 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

X-Files is a show that I liked in theory better than in practice - good premise, good characters, great actors, technically flawless. I would watch the odd episode and think "this is really good, why don't I watch it more often?" Then I'd tune in a month or two later, be completely baffled as to where the story arc had gone, and tune out again in frustration. This happened during pretty much every season that the show was aired.

Tantrum The Cat (Tantrum The Cat), Saturday, 2 October 2004 16:41 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

Never watched in it's heyday, but we're renting alkl the DVD is sequence now. Actually, season 2 disc 4 is in the player right now. I absolutely love them, at least the first two seasons. About 85% of the episodes are total gold; there's the occasional filler, but it's excuseable for brilliant eps. like "Erlenmeyer Flask", "Darkness Falls", "Eve", "Duane Barry/Ascension".

I'm dreading watching the season 6(was it?) move to California; we live in vancouver, and half the fun is identifying the locations (that's the rogers tower in burnaby! that's in gastown! it's the art gallery! stanley park!).

derrick (derrick), Saturday, 2 October 2004 19:16 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

I watched the show and was hooked right from the beginning (the third episode, "squeeze" actually), so I guess I always had somewhat of an emotional investment in it.

As for the story arc I have a feeling Chris Carter originally had a rough plan or idea of where he wanted it to go, (I think I even remember him around '95 or so saying he wanted the show to last about five years and then do movies or spinoffs after that). But as the show got more popular, there was pressure to keep it going and drag it out, so the conspiracy-arc episodes started becoming more labyrynthine and covoluted.

latebloomer (latebloomer), Saturday, 2 October 2004 19:26 (fourteen years ago) Permalink

one year passes...
So it is time for ironic hipster reevaluation of this show yet or is it too soon?

Ned Raggett (Ned), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 00:39 (twelve years ago) Permalink

It's still great and don't kid yourself Nef. Though the most shocking thing I've noticed is how horribly dressed Scully was in the whole first season.

Rufus 3000 (Mr Noodles), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 01:17 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Good ol' Nef.

I actually didn't watch the show all that much but always liked it whenever I caught it, so maybe I lucked out with the episodes. And the movie was all right.

Ned Raggett (Ned), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 01:19 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Sorry Ned, so used to typing Newf the f just slipped.

Rufus 3000 (Mr Noodles), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 01:21 (twelve years ago) Permalink


Ned Raggett (Ned), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 01:23 (twelve years ago) Permalink

My wife and daughter are steadily plowing through the first six seasons. I sit in occasionally if an episode is playing during dinner, but it's just nonstop Mulder and Scully taking turns playing Basil Exposition, except when Scully is screeching at Mulder for whatever he believes in.

Whitman Mayonnaise (Rock Hardy), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 01:30 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Favorites: Bad Blood (vampire story from differing perspectives of Scully and Mulder, Small Potatoes (guy who can change his face to look like anyone, basically), and the episode where Scully and Mulder pretend to be "Rob and Laura Petrie" and they live in some kind of seriously screwed up townhouse/condo association (especially since I lived in a townhouse association at the time).

First episode I ever saw was called Revelations, I think and it scared the holy hell out of me. I didn't watch the show for a couple of years because I kept thinking of the tagline, "the truth is out there..." and then thinking, "but hell if I want to know what it is!" Eventually I was pulled into it, though.

Sara R-C (Sara R-C), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 01:55 (twelve years ago) Permalink

rewatching the mythology episodes on the DVD sets i bought (yeah i'm die hard), the conspiracy arc actually makes A LOT more sense, especially when viewed together rather than spread across several seasons. i mean, it still got sillier as the show got older, but it was a lot more coherent than it seemed.

latebloomer (latebloomer), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 02:25 (twelve years ago) Permalink

No, no it wasn't. The pinnacle of "god, this shit is awful" for me was when they reveal the truth about Mulder's sister to the tunes of Moby.

taco freebie (mike h.), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 03:13 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Please tell me it was '1000'.

Search: Seasons 1&2, particulary the three parter at the end of season 2 and the start of season 3. All epsiodes written by Darin Morgan: Humbug, Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose, War Of The Coprophages, Jose Chung's From Outer Space (or, the Freaks one, the Psychics one, the Cockroaches one, the Alex Trebek one)

Destroy: the rest of it, more so as it goes on.

Andrew Farrell (afarrell), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 05:22 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I actually really liked the Mulder's sister bit with the Moby song :(

Trayce (trayce), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 05:29 (twelve years ago) Permalink

it was powerful and moving!

Konal Doddz (blueski), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 08:22 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I heard that Burt Reynolds one is really good.

Konal Doddz (blueski), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 08:24 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Damon Lindelof is ALWAYS remarking on how he doesn't want LOST to go the way of the X-Files. He wants to end it after 4 or 5 seasons, then have a film. But then, it's ABC's choice if they want to milk/ruin it by dragging it out to 9+ seasons.

the doaple gonger (nickalicious), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 13:51 (twelve years ago) Permalink

worst series finale ever?

s1ocki (slutsky), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 13:52 (twelve years ago) Permalink

no, it was excellent in parts (OK maybe just the gratuitious CSM death scene payoff).

Konal Doddz (blueski), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 14:07 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I loved this when it first began (definite x-phile) but by the end was completely turned-off.

Have yet to buy the DVDs but when I moved in with my boyfriend he made me THROW AWAY my dozens and dozens of carefully recorded and labeled seasons 1-4 VHS tapes. *sob*

S-I liked the tooms episodes and pretty much any of the earlier ones written by morgan/wong

D-any later eps with those other two agents. I don't even remeber their names that's how much I hated them.

Ms. Misery TX (MissMiseryTX), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 14:15 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Was there a self-parody episode with Cher in it? I remember something, but not sure.

Also a question for die-hard fans: is it necessary to watch all the mythology episodes before watching the movie?

scnnr drkly (scnnr drkly), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 14:26 (twelve years ago) Permalink

I too loved the Darin Morgan episodes. What happened to him? Has he written for anything else ever again.

I really liked the COPS crossover where the tv crew following some cops around LA walk slap bang into the middle of an X File.

And my heart still belongs to Gillian Anderson who, judging from her turn in Bleak House, has aged like a fine wine...

Stone Monkey (Stone Monkey), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 14:42 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Robert Patrick/Doggett is unfairly maligned.

Konal Doddz (blueski), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 14:44 (twelve years ago) Permalink

god, this is ages ago isn't it? Trying to remember movie. I think you don't need to watch the mythology. Too many non-regular viewers went to it, surely? Need to netflix this.

I loved the episode where the Jim Rose Circus starred as a freak show. Mulder has so many great one-liners.

Who's been to an X-Files convention? *raises then puts down hand in shame*

Ms. Misery TX (MissMiseryTX), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 15:04 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Robert Patrick/Doggett is unfairly maligned.

I hated him on the x-files only because I kept wishing he'd turn into the T1000.

Roz (Roz), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 15:11 (twelve years ago) Permalink

i was hoping one day Moronica would mention that an alien super soldier had been sighted at the local mall and he'd be able to ask "THE GALLERIA?!"

Konal Doddz (blueski), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 15:14 (twelve years ago) Permalink


Omg, i totally forgot about Monica Reyes. Nggghhh. I was about to defend those last few seasons (memory's pretty hazy but I remember liking a few episodes) but now I'm thinking they really did suck something awful.

Roz (Roz), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 15:32 (twelve years ago) Permalink

There were some things they had just built up to for so long (Mulder's sister, Scully getting knocked up, etc) that, to be fair, there weren't really a lot of options as to how to end it satisfyingly.

I do remember enjoying the moment where the audience discovered OMG there are TWO different races of aliens!

the doaple gonger (nickalicious), Tuesday, 18 July 2006 15:37 (twelve years ago) Permalink

There were a few worthwhile episodes from the 8th season, most notably the one where Doggett's being fucked with in his dreams by 3rd-eye dude. Sadly, I only started getting into the show (thru reruns) at the end of the 7th season, so instead of classicness on Sunday nights I got ass genie and guy made of metal.

I second the endorsement of everything involving Darin Morgan. I think he might have had something to do with Blood, the one involving people being sent into homicidal rages through messages in their microwaves and cell phones. That one was great.

Duchovny's episode about baseball was a totally silly, sentimental classic. Gillian Anderson's new age bullshit episode was crap (and also had Moby).

clotpoll (Clotpoll), Thursday, 20 July 2006 03:58 (twelve years ago) Permalink

This is making me wanna go out and maybe get some Xfiles box set seasons on dvd!

Trayce (trayce), Thursday, 20 July 2006 04:36 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Do it, JB hifi are selling them at $12 for a half season.

Jedmond (Jedmond), Thursday, 20 July 2006 15:06 (twelve years ago) Permalink

that triploid genes one was so disturbing. so yeah, episodes were fun when they veered between goofy and freaky and wtfish. started to really hate that big conspiracy buildup too -- that's the problem with gothicism in general, you can never follow thru on the creeping horror without it being far more mundane than what the imagination conjures up.

Sterling Clover (s_clover), Friday, 21 July 2006 06:34 (twelve years ago) Permalink

After losing track of the series after season 4 I rented all the mytharc episodes after that on VHS and watched them all in sequence one Saturday a few years back. On my own. But it was sweet.

I wish we could've seen more Kryeck/Covarrubias action - a spin-off 'evil' version of the show!

Konal Doddz (blueski), Friday, 21 July 2006 08:28 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Anyone remember the episode with the guy working in the call centre who is scared of his boss, who is AN INSECT! It was brilliant, saw it a few weeks ago.

Ronan (Ronan), Friday, 21 July 2006 08:32 (twelve years ago) Permalink

Nobody should force their live-in love to ditch their sci-fi stash!!! If I want you, I also get your complete set of Babylon 5 DVDs.

zaxxon25 (zaxxon25), Friday, 21 July 2006 20:25 (twelve years ago) Permalink

one year passes...

Second movie en route.

Ned Raggett, Thursday, 1 November 2007 00:04 (eleven years ago) Permalink

This show was really great sometimes. This movie will probably be shitty like the first one.

31g, Thursday, 1 November 2007 04:56 (eleven years ago) Permalink

i'm excited but how exactly are they going to pick up from the show's (admittedly rather lame) finale? mulder & scully weren't even in the fbi anymore! also there was/is an impending alien colonization in 2012! i seriously doubt they're gonna reboot the mythology and *fanboy meltdown* WARNING! SMOKE DETECTED! CHECK CIRCUITS

latebloomer, Thursday, 1 November 2007 05:11 (eleven years ago) Permalink

This week's was an improvement but I think I would've been much more receptive to a batshit Darin Morgan episode if the rest of this season's episodes didn't feel so much like IDAGF self-parody.

Senior Soft-Serve Tech at the Froyo Arroyo (Old Lunch), Saturday, 27 January 2018 05:33 (eleven months ago) Permalink


The jokes are elderly and embarrassing.

Elvis Telecom, Saturday, 27 January 2018 06:03 (eleven months ago) Permalink

Well, yeah, it was possibly my least favorite Morgan episode, but they've set the bar so incredibly low this season that any episode that evinced a degree of effort was gonna be an improvement.

Senior Soft-Serve Tech at the Froyo Arroyo (Old Lunch), Saturday, 27 January 2018 13:38 (eleven months ago) Permalink

are these any good? I honestly stopped after episode 1. I don't think I'm going to bother until I've consumed every other form of visual entertainment in the universe.

akm, Saturday, 27 January 2018 18:24 (eleven months ago) Permalink

I can't really recommend it, no.

One thing I did appreciate about this episode was the commentary on how the entire premise of the show is kinda depressing and unfun now in relation to the active dissolution of consensus reality.

Senior Soft-Serve Tech at the Froyo Arroyo (Old Lunch), Saturday, 27 January 2018 19:14 (eleven months ago) Permalink

The jokes were definitely more predictable (maybe just being used to Morgan's style at this point but the They reveal was so obvious) and the Trump stuff was annoying. But everyone was enjoying themselves, I still laughed at a lot of the dumb jokes, and I liked the Eels/Hugh Everett shout-out, I'd say it's worth a watch if you don't mind it not being up to the standard of the classic Morgan episodes.

JoeStork, Saturday, 27 January 2018 19:37 (eleven months ago) Permalink

for some reason the classic title sequence with “Reggie Something” added seemed hilarious

mh, Saturday, 27 January 2018 19:51 (eleven months ago) Permalink

one month passes...

What if Black Mirror but as a silent(ish) comedy? You know what? It was great and the season highlight by several orders of magnitude.

Bimlo Horsewagon became Wheelbarrow Horseflesh (aldo), Thursday, 1 March 2018 20:28 (ten months ago) Permalink

I kind of wanted a little more dialogue, but overall, not bad for a conceptual episode

Looking forward to meeting you all.
Love, blobfish aka William #bts #TheXFiles

— Gillian Anderson (@GillianA) February 28, 2018

mh, Thursday, 1 March 2018 20:34 (ten months ago) Permalink

Funny, 40 minutes in, it's that knock knock "banana" joke that keeps going and going. Show looks great, though.

the body of a spider... (scampering alpaca), Friday, 2 March 2018 00:06 (ten months ago) Permalink

I'm glad I stuck around for one more episode.

Elvis Telecom, Monday, 5 March 2018 19:10 (ten months ago) Permalink

isn't this over yet

akm, Monday, 5 March 2018 20:08 (ten months ago) Permalink

one month passes...

Finally finished this last night. What a pile of garbage this revive has been. Cool to watch Mulder casually mass murder his way through the final episode. I think he shot more people to death in 60 minutes than he did in every other episode combined. And it was probably the least worst Carter episode of the past two seasons.

So yeah, if you've been on the fence, continue to avoid. Except for the episode aldo mentioned in the last revive. That was pretty good.

Orbital Ribbonbopper, Inventor of Flying and Popcorn (Old Lunch), Thursday, 5 April 2018 14:35 (nine months ago) Permalink

disagree, don't care about the season opener or closer since those have been useless since about season 5, but this season was very satisfying... it felt like the x-files.

erry red flag (f. hazel), Thursday, 5 April 2018 16:11 (nine months ago) Permalink

this mini-season was worse than the last one

alvin noto (mh), Thursday, 5 April 2018 16:16 (nine months ago) Permalink

it was bad enough that my stance is now that the X-Files, a pretty good if sometimes ridiculous show, ended after its seventh season in the year 2000

alvin noto (mh), Thursday, 5 April 2018 16:18 (nine months ago) Permalink

Yeah seasons 8-10 are pretty dire, but even 10 had Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster, and Home Again was pretty fun.

erry red flag (f. hazel), Thursday, 5 April 2018 16:42 (nine months ago) Permalink

The Carter-written episodes have generally been awful (the hangman episode was fun, though still not exactly good), the others have ranged from decent to occasionally brilliant. The main problem is, passable genre exercises just don't really stand out after all this time.

Carter was never the show's best or most consistent writer, but it's depressing how bad he's got. He'll always be a major reason for the show's success, and the diversity of stories it could tell. The funny thing is, I can actually kinda see what he was trying to do with the new mythology - I find the idea of humans exploiting and experimenting with alien biology and tech scarier than some barely comprehensible invasion plot, as the Anasazi/Paper Clip and Nisei/731 arcs demonstrated. It's just that the guy who once wrote Deep Throat and (Millennium episode) Lamentation seems to have forgotten how to write an episode of television altogether.

Duane Barry, Thursday, 5 April 2018 16:56 (nine months ago) Permalink

why did people have to keep yelling about chemtrails

alvin noto (mh), Thursday, 5 April 2018 17:19 (nine months ago) Permalink

Yeah, that was really the grossest part of the whole endeavor. I was never quite sure if the relatively value-free references to the increasingly pernicious conspiracy-mindedness of our culture were just ill-advised (I mean, Joel McHale as Glenn Beck/Alex Jones analogue was basically a hero) or if they were actually a reflection of where Carter's mind has gone in his dotage.

Orbital Ribbonbopper, Inventor of Flying and Popcorn (Old Lunch), Thursday, 5 April 2018 22:32 (nine months ago) Permalink

he might have brain worms

I kind of assume most old dudes have some sort of brain worms, though. That would make for a decent x-file

alvin noto (mh), Friday, 6 April 2018 00:13 (nine months ago) Permalink

Did you see his Amazon pilot from a couple years ago, alledgedly set in the Xfilesverse? Something to do with the apocalypse and the devil in LA. Was major, major yikes.

I haven’t caught up with the reboot at all - just the Darin Morgan episodes and the one Aldo mentions then?

Chuck_Tatum, Friday, 6 April 2018 00:18 (nine months ago) Permalink

I sort-of-watched all of last season, and this year just the Darin episode, the Lone Gunmen one by Glen, and the Black Mirror-y one. Your impression is basically right, but save The Lost Art Of Forehead Sweat, this year's Darin ep, for last.

(Or for a real flavour of how awkward S10 was without getting REALLY terrible:
-in that order.)

just noticed tears shaped like florida. (sic), Friday, 6 April 2018 05:16 (nine months ago) Permalink

I'll be the militant. S10 & S11 (especially S11) amplified the worst elements of the original series enough that I suspect the entire show was b.s. It's only brilliant on accident when someone managed to write away from Carter. This itself sounds like an X-Files plot.

I'm annoyed that S10 and S11 wasted so much time on embarrassing plots that just kept Mulder and Scully reacting to things. So much what's current in medtech, social psychology, etc. etc. could be the feeder of some potentially great plots.

Elvis Telecom, Friday, 6 April 2018 20:44 (nine months ago) Permalink

amplified the worst elements of the original series enough that I suspect the entire show was b.s. It's only brilliant on accident when someone managed to write away from Carter.

Nah: the alien conspiracy episodes were always terrible, and I stopped occasionally watching the show during the original run because you never knew if you'd get a good episode or some mytharc nonsense that you were supposed to have watched 19 non-consecutive previous episodes to follow, except that even if you had, it wouldn't make sense.

Over the last few years, I've done a watch-through of the first six seasons, just watching Darin Morgan and Vince Gilligan episodes, and a few other standalones. But! Carter could actually do good, or fun, or scary, or creative episodes back in the '90s.

The Host (S01e02) set the tone for the monster-of-the-weeks, taking a sci-fi/monster premise and wrapping a procedural, jokes, and development of Mulder & Scully's relationship in it. Syzygy, in S3, is Carter being inspired by Darin Morgan's ability to do outright comedy in the X-Files format, trying it himself, failing but accidentally inventing Buffy. Memento Mori, in S4, is a gang-written script that shows folks didn't NEED to write away from Carter - he could work just as well on a serious standalone as drawing a single co-writer onto his mytharc finales.

And two he directed as well as writing are super-indicators that he saw the oddball, creative, unusual episodes as a primary feature of the series: The Post-Modern Prometheus (S5), the black & white small-town Frankenstein & Cher episodes; and Triangle (S6), the one on a 1939 submarine with all the "unbroken" tracking shots.

(Another S6 all-Carter joint, How The Ghosts Stole Christmas, works fine as a Chrimbo farce.)

just noticed tears shaped like florida. (sic), Friday, 6 April 2018 21:50 (nine months ago) Permalink

we'd all have a better time if we just went squatchin'

alvin noto (mh), Friday, 6 April 2018 22:07 (nine months ago) Permalink

Carter was always hit or miss as a writer. But aside from that, as series creator he allowed different writers do their own thing with the show, experiment with tone and story, make their own mark. He gave them the space to make absurd comedies one week and mini horror films the next. He came up with the idea but didn't guard it obsessively (unlike some TV creators). XF probably wasn't the first show with an open-minded approach like that, but not every showrunner would allow something like Jose Chung's "From Outer Space" to happen.

Duane Barry, Saturday, 7 April 2018 00:08 (nine months ago) Permalink

hmm not sure I can trust a guy with your name making x-files judgments

alvin noto (mh), Saturday, 7 April 2018 05:48 (nine months ago) Permalink

oh please, the show has a hit rate way, way above "brilliant on accident". there are over 200 episodes, of course some of them are going to be crap.

erry red flag (f. hazel), Saturday, 7 April 2018 06:29 (nine months ago) Permalink

Worth a read:

Elvis Telecom, Sunday, 8 April 2018 01:16 (nine months ago) Permalink

four months pass...

completely forgot that Detective Munch of Baltimore PD appears in the X-Files

the Wolfverse and X-FIles overlap heck yeah

mh, Friday, 10 August 2018 22:35 (five months ago) Permalink

and Homicide/The Wire

louise ck (milo z), Friday, 10 August 2018 22:57 (five months ago) Permalink

well, yes

mh, Saturday, 11 August 2018 00:03 (five months ago) Permalink

He was also on Law & Order: SWV iirc.

Funkface LLC (Old Lunch), Saturday, 11 August 2018 00:36 (five months ago) Permalink

four weeks pass...

premiered T W E N T Y - F I V E Y E A R S A G O today

i have wasted my life

bitch that’s the tubby custard machine (bizarro gazzara), Monday, 10 September 2018 20:58 (four months ago) Permalink

Ha, yes, I keep remarking on 20th and 25th and 30th anniversaries of things that mark the various stretches of time when I've done little of note or substance.

Like for instance how I still haven't finished watching all of the X-Files. What am I even doing with my time.

I Don't Have Any Ears, I Am Positive (Old Lunch), Monday, 10 September 2018 21:06 (four months ago) Permalink

someone was telling me recently that the real scoop around why x files moved to la from vancouver wasn't to do with david duchovny "hating the rain" or wanting to be closer to his family, instead he'd managed to get himself barred from all the strip clubs in the area, including one ran by the Hell's Angels, and pissed off lots of sex workers.

( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉) (jim in vancouver), Monday, 10 September 2018 21:10 (four months ago) Permalink


( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉) (jim in vancouver), Monday, 10 September 2018 21:10 (four months ago) Permalink

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