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two months pass...

how could you live w/ yourself if you had written the paragraph directly after the photo

J0rdan S., Tuesday, 9 August 2011 01:52 (six years ago) Permalink

i can't think of anything that has ever made me feel like i want to earnestly pat someone on the back and also punch them directly in the face in equal amounts more than SEO hall of fame stuff

J0rdan S., Tuesday, 9 August 2011 01:55 (six years ago) Permalink

asking the mouthbreathers in your boss's client list to friend you on facebook is such a treat

puerile fantasies (Matt P), Tuesday, 9 August 2011 02:00 (six years ago) Permalink

one month passes...

J0rdan S., Saturday, 10 September 2011 02:27 (six years ago) Permalink

thought that was being posted in some kinda all-time URL thread

and my soul said you can't go there (schlump), Thursday, 15 September 2011 23:21 (six years ago) Permalink

i don't want naked man fudgesicle (schlump) as a display name but it is a keeper

and my soul said you can't go there (schlump), Thursday, 15 September 2011 23:21 (six years ago) Permalink

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The online rumors are not true -- Johnny Depp did not die in a car crash in France.

giant glittering joyful returning elephant (unregistered), Sunday, 25 September 2011 21:46 (six years ago) Permalink

one month passes...
two months pass...

dayo, u ok? you're a good poster & I appreciate your contributions to this thread, but I'm not so sure that you know the difference between Search Engine Optimization and wacky URLs. just keep in mind that I'm here to help if you need any seo tips seo tricks how do i increase my search engine traffic seo analytics seo marketing how do i get more google hits how to spamdex seo jobs boston did adele have a nose job

flopson and jetsam (unregistered), Wednesday, 15 February 2012 19:02 (five years ago) Permalink (dayo), Friday, 10 February 2012 23:13 (5 days ago) Bookmark Flag Post Permalink

this is so classic though

quick brown fox triangle (schlump), Wednesday, 15 February 2012 20:36 (five years ago) Permalink


quick brown fox triangle (schlump), Wednesday, 15 February 2012 20:36 (five years ago) Permalink

two months pass...
one month passes...

Comedian Gilbert Godfrey Fired By Aflac Over Tasteless Earthquake Tweets
Comic Dice Clay Rips Gilbert ( Godfrey ) Gottfried And Charlie Sheen
AFLAC Names Replacement For Actor Gilbert Gottfried (Godfrey)

it's like they made a typo in the first headline and then realized how many hits they were getting for "gilbert godfrey fired".

barman's bar mitz (unregistered), Saturday, 9 June 2012 15:33 (five years ago) Permalink

not exactly SEO related but still hilarious

dmr, Saturday, 9 June 2012 18:24 (five years ago) Permalink

originally aired November 6, 2005

Victory Chainsaw! (DJP), Saturday, 9 June 2012 18:34 (five years ago) Permalink


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it's so brave of HuffPo to put all its SEO keywords right at the top of every article as sort of a challenge to anti-SEO haters. and it's good to know that Janet Jackson's sideboobs are two of the leading Black Voices of our time.

barman's bar mitz (unregistered), Saturday, 9 June 2012 18:35 (five years ago) Permalink

dying @ 'black voices'

Impetuous hybrid (Matt P), Saturday, 9 June 2012 18:48 (five years ago) Permalink

was that family guy episode the first sighting of the word "sideboob" or was it kicking around before then?

calm me maybe (Whiney G. Weingarten), Saturday, 9 June 2012 18:53 (five years ago) Permalink

It was the first time I remember seeing it used that way. I used to use it to mean boobs that were more set to the periphery of a torso than the center.

Word of Wisdom Robots (Abbbottt), Saturday, 9 June 2012 18:58 (five years ago) Permalink

what are boobs called if they're set more to the center of the torso, Abbbottt? are they just called "centerboobs"? and does underboob predate sideboob? you seem to know a lot about boob etymology.

barman's bar mitz (unregistered), Sunday, 10 June 2012 01:41 (five years ago) Permalink

It never occurred to me more centrally placed boobs would need a special, differentiating name because I thought of them as the standard issue.

Word of Wisdom Robots (Abbbottt), Sunday, 10 June 2012 01:45 (five years ago) Permalink

four months pass...
seven months pass...

hooooooooooooooooooooooooly shit this post

J0rdan S., Thursday, 23 May 2013 07:13 (four years ago) Permalink

one month passes...

hahaha that one j0rdan posted went underappreciated

There's a reason why "Bill Murray crying baby" is trending online - a Bill Murray crying baby photo is the best way to get past hump day.

The Bill Murray crying baby photo, via HuffPost, comes from a terrific Tumblr called Reasons My Son Is Crying, although meeting the Caddyshack star is hardly a good reason to start bawling.

The always-awesome Murray simply makes this Bill Murray crying baby photo a gem.

Tags: Bill Murray crying baby, viral, photo, bill murray

dmr, Monday, 15 July 2013 19:27 (four years ago) Permalink

keytar helvetica vhs - salvia (7.2)

one yankee sympathizer masquerading as a historian (difficult listening hour), Monday, 22 July 2013 15:04 (four years ago) Permalink

why is my user name not "vegan fanny pack odio cillum"

or for that matter the magnficently dactylic "wes anderson 8-bit sustainable jean shorts"

Guayaquil (eephus!), Monday, 22 July 2013 15:15 (four years ago) Permalink

terry richardson biodiesel

it itches like a porky pine sitting on your dick (Phil D.), Monday, 22 July 2013 15:21 (four years ago) Permalink

I think we all know what THAT is, right?

it itches like a porky pine sitting on your dick (Phil D.), Monday, 22 July 2013 15:21 (four years ago) Permalink

This just showed up in my company's blog comment spam filter:

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it itches like a porky pine sitting on your dick (Phil D.), Tuesday, 23 July 2013 11:47 (four years ago) Permalink

came right up when I was searching for flesh eating maggots in my head

akm, Tuesday, 23 July 2013 15:51 (four years ago) Permalink

one year passes...
three weeks pass...

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the geographibebebe (unregistered), Monday, 30 March 2015 02:33 (two years ago) Permalink

ten months pass...

― plax (ico ico) (Stevie D(eux)), Friday, February 11, 2011 10:07 AM (4 years ago) Bookmark Flag Post Permalink

cant believe its been 4 years

, Sunday, 7 February 2016 21:48 (one year ago) Permalink

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