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what is with these people and describing themselves as 'raconteurs'?:

diamonddave85, Tuesday, 10 April 2012 14:40 (eight years ago) link

if you took the bio lines and the twitter descriptions of these dudes you're going to find a lot of interesting words like that

to my shame I think I have a social network profile somewhere that probably still says "flâneur." urgh

mh, Tuesday, 10 April 2012 14:49 (eight years ago) link

u can tell by his bio line what a great storyteller he is

lag∞n, Tuesday, 10 April 2012 14:50 (eight years ago) link

three weeks pass...

The Yankees have numerous rivals. The Red Sox (division). The Mets (cross-town). The Dodgers (11 World Series matchups). But these Yankees — this particular squad — have a bigger rival. Father Time.

Father Time??? r u srs

Time’s effects, even against Rivera — the most graceful and elegant ballplayer I’ve ever seen, the closest thing in sports to an ageless wonder — are ignominious. The Yankees often win, but in the end, time always wins — the one opponent against which even the Yankees will forever be underdogs. To struggle against time is to struggle against the inevitable. We all know you can’t beat time, but the joy of these aging Yankees is that sometimes you can get lucky and race ahead of it for a while. But now this.

What the fuck, what is the point of this, why not just post that insipid poem about the One Great Scorer

raw feel vegan (silby), Friday, 4 May 2012 19:23 (eight years ago) link

~time always wins ~ thinks abt it

lag∞n, Friday, 4 May 2012 19:42 (eight years ago) link

Boom, done.

diamonddave85, Friday, 4 May 2012 22:08 (eight years ago) link


caek, Wednesday, 16 May 2012 15:04 (eight years ago) link

lmao after seeing that i was going to start a thread about TED talks that treat you like a fucking child

diamonddave85, Wednesday, 16 May 2012 15:05 (eight years ago) link

see also: How To Tie Your Shoes

diamonddave85, Wednesday, 16 May 2012 15:05 (eight years ago) link

95% of ted stuff is such glib stupid bullshit, but this is like that lifehacker article about "how to hack your mashed potato for one recipe so that it feeds two people"

caek, Wednesday, 16 May 2012 15:07 (eight years ago) link

confession: i was charmed by paper towel dude

stet, Wednesday, 16 May 2012 15:19 (eight years ago) link

if everybody didn't get gas on 05/18/12 think of how big a message we'd send to those oil companies

dayo, Wednesday, 16 May 2012 15:19 (eight years ago) link

TED is crossing the territory into vince shlomo shamwow territory

dayo, Wednesday, 16 May 2012 15:20 (eight years ago) link

you followin me camera guy *dries hands with only one paper towel sheet*

dayo, Wednesday, 16 May 2012 15:22 (eight years ago) link

markers, Friday, 18 May 2012 21:26 (eight years ago) link

i don't get it. what is this guy's shtick? he's like the internet-era's garrison keillor?

Mordy, Friday, 18 May 2012 21:36 (eight years ago) link

Combined with John Dvorak of PC Magazine

mh, Saturday, 19 May 2012 15:34 (eight years ago) link can someone break down this podcast brouhaha for me?

caek, Friday, 25 May 2012 19:27 (eight years ago) link

Web standards are important, and Daring Fireball adheres to them. Specifically, Daring Fireball’s HTML markup should validate as either HTML 5 or XHTML 4.01 Transitional

there is no such thing as XHTML 4.01 Transitional

TracerHandVEVO (Tracer Hand), Friday, 25 May 2012 19:37 (eight years ago) link


"Holy crap," I mutter, as he gently taps my area (silby), Friday, 25 May 2012 19:38 (eight years ago) link

markers, Wednesday, 30 May 2012 15:52 (eight years ago) link


A Little Princess btw (s1ocki), Wednesday, 30 May 2012 18:40 (eight years ago) link

two weeks pass...

markers, Thursday, 14 June 2012 19:13 (seven years ago) link

i can name six of eight

markers, Thursday, 14 June 2012 19:14 (seven years ago) link


stet, Thursday, 14 June 2012 23:57 (seven years ago) link


Mordy, Friday, 15 June 2012 00:00 (seven years ago) link

Great Cthulhu, I can name four.

Elvis Telecom, Friday, 15 June 2012 00:13 (seven years ago) link

I only spotted Groobs, o well

"Holy crap," I mutter, as he gently taps my area (silby), Friday, 15 June 2012 00:21 (seven years ago) link

what kind of things would i have had to be interested in to know who these people are?

Mordy, Friday, 15 June 2012 00:35 (seven years ago) link


caek, Friday, 15 June 2012 00:36 (seven years ago) link

oh, they're famous yardstick moguls

Mordy, Friday, 15 June 2012 00:40 (seven years ago) link

you guys always forget the beacons

Your Favorite Album in the Cutout Bin, Friday, 15 June 2012 19:06 (seven years ago) link

hay guys YARDSTICKS and MUSTACHES and BEACONS right hahahahahahahah

brony ver (s1ocki), Friday, 15 June 2012 19:09 (seven years ago) link

notoumas but I still don't get who these ppl are

Mordy, Friday, 15 June 2012 19:31 (seven years ago) link

people who write blogs about products mostly I assume

"Holy crap," I mutter, as he gently taps my area (silby), Friday, 15 June 2012 19:34 (seven years ago) link

markers, Monday, 18 June 2012 15:35 (seven years ago) link

get em, john!

shaane, Monday, 18 June 2012 16:38 (seven years ago) link


markers, Monday, 18 June 2012 16:40 (seven years ago) link

haha. those apple-community-supporting assholes!

brony ver (s1ocki), Monday, 18 June 2012 17:13 (seven years ago) link

man this ipad memo stuff is wearing thin. Even that link he posted, the guy finished the book on a Mac. Yes you can do bits of creation of the iPad. But Macs are way better at most of it. And that should be OK. iBooks: on iPad. iBooks Author: on Mac.

stet, Thursday, 21 June 2012 07:56 (seven years ago) link

i guess you didnt get the memo

deadcandace (diamonddave85), Thursday, 21 June 2012 16:17 (seven years ago) link or like feed the hungry idk

lag∞n, Monday, 25 June 2012 00:56 (seven years ago) link

there's a reason that fucking tightarse is the sixth richest person in the world

undermikey: bidness (Autumn Almanac), Monday, 25 June 2012 02:06 (seven years ago) link

fucking tumblr, no i don't want this guy's wisdom on my dashboard

goole, Tuesday, 3 July 2012 19:58 (seven years ago) link

Ben Brooks puts up a paywall LOL

diamonddave85, Thursday, 12 July 2012 01:36 (seven years ago) link

damn howm i gonna get my ben brooks fix now

lag∞n, Thursday, 12 July 2012 02:41 (seven years ago) link

Man that was a lot of words to get across "I think I am worth literally twice as much per year than even John Gruber ever thought he was worth for his RSS feed"

where can i get a mcdonalds quesadilla tho (silby), Thursday, 12 July 2012 03:36 (seven years ago) link

NB Gruber now easily makes six figures across his various channels, seems to have no qualms about it.

where can i get a mcdonalds quesadilla tho (silby), Thursday, 12 July 2012 03:37 (seven years ago) link

would be weird if he had qualms about it

funny-skrillex-bee_132455836669.gif (s1ocki), Thursday, 12 July 2012 04:13 (seven years ago) link

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