Opal - Early Recordings/Happy Nightmare Baby

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A 1988 show after Hope replaced Kendra. Audience recording but good once they get going.


nickn, Saturday, 30 October 2021 07:05 (eleven months ago) link

two months pass...

I ponied up for a copy of the deleted Early Recordings remaster (making it the only album I have overpaid for twice, both times deleted) and in addition to the fascination of the extra tracks, I gotta say the remaster is excellent. The music is so much more present and alive, whereas the original feels distant and slightly muffled.

assert (matttkkkk), Tuesday, 4 January 2022 21:52 (nine months ago) link

Live show above is lovely. The compression of the recording plus the LOUDLY mixed guitar is wonderful. Cheers for the link.

Psychocandy Apple Grey (Pyschocandles), Wednesday, 5 January 2022 00:12 (eight months ago) link

The remaster is great — lol, it really is so stupid that it's not available.

tylerw, Wednesday, 5 January 2022 15:32 (eight months ago) link

really sad the Happy Nightmare Baby reissue never made it out either, the original CD master of that one isn't bad but it isn't great either

Jaime Pressly and America (f. hazel), Wednesday, 5 January 2022 15:40 (eight months ago) link

eight months pass...

There's a seller (Global-Deals for You) on eBay offering multiple sets of Early Recordings and Happy Nightmare Baby on CD - 30 sold, 8 remaining - which I think is a liquidator. Wondering if it might be the unsold stock of the reissues. I have the Early Recordings reissue and the original HNB CD, so it would be pretty expensive for me to buy a set out of curiosity, but I'm putting it here in case there are folks without either CD who'd like to give it a shot. Their feedback includes positive responses from folks who bought the set, by the way.

assert (matttkkkk), Thursday, 29 September 2022 05:52 (five days ago) link

interesting! trying to justify buying it as I have both the original releases, I really want a hard copy of the extra Early tracks tho ...

( X '____' )/ (zappi), Thursday, 29 September 2022 12:30 (five days ago) link

Remaster is excellent too, if that’s a factor for you.

assert (matttkkkk), Thursday, 29 September 2022 20:12 (five days ago) link

arrived today, and as suspected they are the Salley Garden reissues that were pulled. v happy!

( X '____' )/ (zappi), Tuesday, 4 October 2022 16:40 (three hours ago) link

does the Happy Nightmare Baby CD have anything extra? is it remastered? the SST CD version doesn't sound bad but it doesn't sound amazing either...

Jaime Pressly and America (f. hazel), Tuesday, 4 October 2022 17:06 (three hours ago) link

nothing extra, I have the OG vinyl so can't compare.
could rip & send if anyone's interested?

( X '____' )/ (zappi), Tuesday, 4 October 2022 17:13 (two hours ago) link

I would be interested to hear, yes please!

sleeve, Tuesday, 4 October 2022 18:36 (one hour ago) link

haha, I bought a set off the eBay auction so I can report back when I get mine re: old vs new HNB CD

Jaime Pressly and America (f. hazel), Tuesday, 4 October 2022 19:13 (fifty-three minutes ago) link

(and can also rip for ILXors)

Jaime Pressly and America (f. hazel), Tuesday, 4 October 2022 19:16 (fifty minutes ago) link

ok ripped, anyone interested webmail me 4 link

( X '____' )/ (zappi), Tuesday, 4 October 2022 19:43 (twenty-three minutes ago) link

or just post here and I'll web you, that's probably easier tbh

( X '____' )/ (zappi), Tuesday, 4 October 2022 19:50 (sixteen minutes ago) link

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