when a new ad comes up on social media and you backtrack to what your phone must have spied on for it to "find" you

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in line with mh's excellent suggestions above, the EFF Privacy Badger extension is free and simple to install; on most websites I see zero targeted ads when it's active


for those who haven't already done so, it pays to dig around in the privacy and security settings for each of your social media accounts and turn off everything you can that helps the platform sell your data to advertisers

Brad C., Wednesday, 2 November 2022 22:59 (four months ago) link

I don’t mind getting ads for things I’m interested in. I’d rather get those than things I’m not interested in. But I agree the tech behind it is often creepy.

Position Position, Thursday, 3 November 2022 00:00 (four months ago) link

As people have pointed out upthread, it's bizarre how once you've bought something, the algorithm seems to think you want to buy the same thing all over again. For weeks after I bought a plane ticket to Thailand, I was getting ads for special deals on flights to Thailand. But I've already booked the flight, why would I need another one? They're literally targeting the one person who would have absolutely zero interest in booking a flight to Thailand!

Zelda Zonk, Thursday, 3 November 2022 00:08 (four months ago) link

Target sends me an email advertising cat food about an hour after I get home from buying cat food

mh, Thursday, 3 November 2022 00:41 (four months ago) link

two weeks pass...

oh no i lingered over a photo of a christmas sweater with the stranger things logo on it except it was "manger things" and a nativity scene and now i'm detecting a rapid influx of christmas ads being served to me. this post probably isn't helping me out here.

ꙮ (map), Thursday, 17 November 2022 18:35 (four months ago) link

maybe google "hajj 2023" "how to convert to judaism" and "diwali candles" ?

rob, Thursday, 17 November 2022 18:45 (four months ago) link

not a bad idea

ꙮ (map), Thursday, 17 November 2022 18:46 (four months ago) link

there was a web privacy app I read about years ago that instead of engaging in the arms race of protecting you from profilers, it silently did lots of random searches to make your data meaningless

rob, Thursday, 17 November 2022 18:49 (four months ago) link

three weeks pass...

It's still out there: https://github.com/essandess/isp-data-pollution

Elvis Telecom, Monday, 12 December 2022 07:39 (three months ago) link

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